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CofC’s Jasper Has Both Game and Swag



Cougar Sophomore Guard Has Unique Style Off The Court

Briana Dixon, Athletics Communications Student Assistant

College of Charleston sophomore guard Zep Jasper is known on the court for his defensive swagger, but off-the-court for hisfashion and sense of style. His interest in fashion all started back in the ninth grade and he has been watching the fashion industry closely ever since.

Jasper’s closet is filled with about 145 pairs of shoes, 80 pairs of jeans, an assortment of shirts and graphic tees. Everyyear, he also customizes a pair of basketball shoes with photos of his family.

Fashion is a big part of his life and it holds a special place of interest for him off the court. When it comes to his style,he has a unique perspective. “If it’s ugly, I’ll wear it.”

Jasper considers clothes – that others find horrible – are just another form of a challenge he is willing to take on. His creativeway of thinking is backed by the confidence that he can produce something out of nothing.

Back home in Georgia, he has a friend, who is a fashion designer and helps customize clothes for him. All the conceptual ideasfor the clothing come straight from his head and not from sketches. He considers himself to not be a man of labels, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to purchase a unique, one-of-a-kind outfit. But, it’s more than clothes to him. It’s a way to express his outgoing and fun personality.

Nicknamed the “Honey Badger,” for his defense on the court, Jasper tends to also choose outfits that others consider ‘loud’and shows his willingness to always try something new. He believes a good example of that is his favorite outfit of all-time, an incredibly unique and lively tuxedo (adorned with palm trees and a beautiful sunset) he wore for Prom in 2017.

At last year’s CougAwards, College of Charleston Athletics’ end-of-the-year student-athlete banquet, if there was a “Best Dressed”list, Jasper would’ve won a top spot of such list sporting a bright red Asian-inspired, cropped tuxedo jacket and white pant ensemble.

But despite being a social butterfly, Jasper expressed the importance of overseeing all of his outfit choices. He personallypicks out each of his outfits and sometimes allows close friends to evaluate them.

When asked if he follows any style icons, Jasper notes professional basketball players like James Harden, Draymond Green, JohnWall and P.J. Tucker as well as rapper Lil Baby. “They closely resemble my style,” he said. When looking to create their own style, Jasper says there are two very important aspects of fashion for a person to remember.

“First, always remember to not be influenced by others’ opinion, but be true to yourself,” he said. “It’s important to dress for yourself. Second, when shopping, start from the shoe up. I start with my shoes and usually go online or search in stores for something that matches.”

In the future and aside from basketball, Jasper would love to pursue a career in fashion design. But, for now, he’s happy beinga trendsetter and energy spark for the Cougars.

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