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Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips: How to Avoid Any Leak and Keep It in Top Shape



Are you still dumping those coffee grounds of yours down the drain? Well, you are doing an injustice to your appliance’s life. In fact, you are shortening its life. However, if that’s what you have been doing, you can still change and your appliance will tremendously thank you for it. Your garbage disposal plays a key role when it comes to the cleanliness of your home. Mess with it and make your home dirty. Plus, you don’t need to take strict maintenance measures to make it last longer and sparkling clean. All you need is the following simple tips from Peerless Plumbing Company and your garbage disposal will be kept in top shape.

Make it Run

Of course, you might not have any food to grind. However, make a point to run cold water through it. It will prevent the blades from rusting. Plus, it will wash out any food that might have refused to go away during the previous wash.

Know What to Run Through It

Don’t run anything that can break the blades. Only run foods that can break. Things that are hard to break might damage the disposal and render your unit ineffective. So, things like fiber, starch, as well as hard leftovers shouldn’t find their ways into the unit.

Repair or Clean It When It’s Off

Safety is key. So, when repairing your garbage disposal, consider unplugging the unit. Cut off the power. Remember, this is an electrical appliance. It can result in shock and even fires. So, take this safety precaution seriously.

Fingers Cannot Remove the Clogs

Do you love your fingers? Well, don’t use them when pulling out the clogs. The unit’s sharp blades can cut them off. Instead, use pliers or even tongs when removing the craps from the unit.

Use the Wrench When Untangle Fibers

Never use the tool that is supplied with the unit to untangle the stuck fibers.

Never Use Bleach

Bleach should never be used when cleaning the garbage disposal. The bleach might splash into your eyes and lead to a serious health complication

Clean It after Every 2 Weeks

Don’t leave your garbage disposal for too long without cleaning it. It can result in a bad odor. Consider cleaning it regularly—preferably after every two weeks.  Use ice cubes and rock salt. Also, consider getting a natural abrasive when scrubbing the gunk that lines the inside of the unit. Get a cup of vinegar and pour it into the unit—it will help kill the bacteria. The flaps can be crabbed using a toothbrush.

The Bottom-Line

Garbage disposal is an important aspect in any home. With disposal, you have a unit that can keep your home clean and welcoming. However, it needs proper care and maintenance. So, if you want it to serve you for years to come, conduct proper care and maintenance. The above tips will help you care for your garbage disposal. From cleaning it to not using a bleach—these are the tips you need to make it last for years to come.

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