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The rise of remote working culture



Saying that you were working remotely even 5 years ago, would have gotten you a lot of strange looks from everyone.  But nowadays it is a pretty common and actually a sought after thing to be able to work from home or from anywhere for that matter and get the same salary (if you aren’t make sure to read this guide about negotiating salary in 2020) as you would going into work during the week. There are a couple of contributing factors to this phenomenon that has taken over the majority of the western world.

The most important one is, of course, the internet and the rise of the digital scene in general. Nowadays the majority of the work is done in the form of the computer anyway, receiving messages and notifications about the upcoming tasks via the internet.  People who work in front of the computer d now have the option to do that from anywhere in the world because if their primary source of communication is their laptop they are not tied to a certain location, because they are able to access this information from anywhere. This has made the possibility of working remotely and getting the same results as you would working in an office realistic.

Before working remotely meant that maybe you were in doing something terribly important but now even the most prestigious jobs offer the option to work remotely because it saves the community time, office space and gives the person the freedom to navigate his own schedule. It is a very sought after the job to be working a job that allows the remoting because going into the office every day can be tough for a lot of people. That is why every country that has widespread access to the internet and has a strong field of jobs that can be done through the computer, remoting is the next best thing. Equally as important is that the industries that require no personal communication have been getting more popular and crucial for the economy, increasing the number of jobs offering a similar option of working remotely.

Which jobs are the best for working remotely

Some of the jobs one can do remotely are coding, copywriting or similar services where you have to write a lot. This is particularly easy for these professions because you can get the direct task and then through different apps and websites you can receive the notification about the things that need to change, or what could be done differently and it makes the process more efficient. With Skype and Facebook that have been around for a year, you can make the communication with your employer even easier but you can choose to communicate through more professional platforms as well.

Another job you can do is simply forex trading remotely, which can be done as a side job or a full-time job if you are already well-versed in this topic. The good thing about it is that you are not answering to anyone and nobody is giving you tasks to perform but you can do it from anywhere in the world and create an income that will help you advance in your career or put the money towards the goal you want to achieve.

Another type of work you could be doing online is graphic design. After the initial negotiation process is over and you have a clear idea of what your client wants there is really no need to go into the office every day. Even the negotiation process can be done over skype, while the rest of the procedure does not require any personal involvement from your employer and you can get to do your job without ever having to leave the house. Generally speaking, any job that could be done as a freelancer will likely be possible to do remotely and with the contemporary offerings of technology, it is tied to no additional complications making the communication between the employer and the employee smooth, more efficient and convenient for both of them.

Last but not the least you can try to do freelancing as a IT Consultant providing assistance for complex IT tasks like SharePoint Migration Services and Exchange to Office 365 Migration etc.

Future of the remote working culture

The culture has become so widespread that there are offices now for those who don’t go into regular offices and want to create a working atmosphere by themselves. The common working space is designed to accommodate those who don’t necessarily need to answer to anyone in person but could benefit from more structure and a serious environment than their home. Because it can get quite lonely and difficult to say at home all the time. When at home you’re wired to be more relaxed and are less likely to want to work or stay focused for a long period of Working remote comes with its own downsides. The person to person communication can actually get things done faster and maybe even leave some room for informal dialogue where a lot of important stuff gets settled, So missing out on the personal contact with your employee or employer does have its downside. But for the most part, it is considered a luxury to be able to afford to work from home by only using your computer and to avoid the dreaded early commute to work. Worrying about what you will eat for lunch or about people distracting you from work through casual conversation. Working remotely has just become a widely accepted concept and more and more companies are trying to offer this option to their employees since this increases the chances of getting the person you like even though they may be located too far away and unwilling to move or travel a long distance to get to work every day. Working remotely increases the pool of people you can hire or the type of job that you can do. It increases your overall comfort levels and can help you navigate your time better and be more in control of your own schedule. This will likely continue to affect industries that currently don’t encourage such a working schedule or style, because soon all the industries will transition to the digital space, at least partially, allowing for faster and more convenient communication and work.

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