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Has Charleston’s Big M gambling cruise run its course?



Big M is the only gambling venue in South Carolina, and it is quite a luxurious experience. Cruise ships, in general, have become somewhat of an ancient way to have fun.

Cruise ships were once considered the epitome of luxury but in recent years this attitude has completely changed. And While Big M is still known as South Caroline’s most luxurious gaming yacht the concept itself has become kind of old.

Gambling cruises have been around for decades and there is nothing quite like it that can replicate the experience somewhere else, even online. Cruises like these are immersive and you will likely always remember them but for some reason, they seem to be declining in popularity.

Are Gambling cruises outdated?

Gambling cruises used to be a public favorite pastime and weekend activity but now you will rarely hear someone, especially from the younger generations mention a gambling cruise.

Largely because gambling has become very accessible through online games and casinos.

The major part of the appeal of these cruise ships was that this sort of entertainment was simply not accessible anywhere else.  Plus this was all happening at the time where people were much more social but their days the easier something is to access the more popular it easy, and activities that require effort are usually forgotten about quickly, even if the result and the experience of the latter are superior. The big M has been a huge part of the South Carolina old school entertainment industry for a while and while it still attracts ti loyal customers and tourists it does pose a question of relevancy of these sorts of cruise ships Big M Casino Cruise II offers all the classic games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, and the casino offers a pre-planned schedule so you can attend whichever game you want. But this is probably one of the prime reasons why these sorts of casinos are losing popularity. People are not willing to put more effort than necessary to access entertainment.

Online entertainment taking over

And online entertainment has a lot to do with this trend. Online gambling venues are very easy to access and the options that these websites provide just can’t be rivaled by the regular casinos. Some people who love the whole experience of going to a casino will probably not give up on the casinos any time soon, but it seems like those who don’t have the same sentiment for casino cruises of regular casinos won’t be returning there any time soon. All over the world, while the approaches towards gambling vary, they are still popular no matter the regulations. One of the most unique setups for the gambling scene can be found in Norway which has a monopoly even in the online space but it allows the citizens to access Norwegian online casino bonus promotions from authorized venues.

Online aspects have ruined a lot of industries all around the world and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It poses a threat to a lot of businesses that base their entire companies and work around real-life activities. And while some might have an easy time transitioning to a digital space, the same can’t be said about the cruises or gambling cruises to be more exact.

The cruises themselves have the same appeal they did before, even if their popularity keeps declining.  This cruise ship which once was a crucial part of South Caroline now seems to be getting bad reviews, very little visitors and doing overall not so well for themselves.

Whether or not the bad reviews are a fault of the company or just the customers who have unrealistic expectations is hard to tell, because for a cruise that has been functioning for so long it would make sense that these people know how to handle their guests.

But it could be that the owners and the staff themselves are seeing that they’re losing their appeal and maybe some of them are not handling it all that well.


The fact is that the change is happening in the entertainment and leisure industry where the standards are changing so drastically that some forms of entertainment will become obsolete if they don’t find a way to integrate their essence into something more modern.

For the gambling cruise ships, there is still hope if they are willing to update their services, which is sometimes the hardest thing to do because it requires admitting that the services haven’t been great for at least a couple of years.

Future of cruise ships

It would be sad to see the gambling cruises go completely out of business but they need to be more proactive if they want to stay relevant and gain new audiences, instead of just focusing on the loyal customers and confused tourists. For a lot of people, the unpredictability of cruise ships depends heavily on the weather and could possibly ruin the whole experience and they simply don’t want to gamble on that. Big M cruise has been around for a long time and will probably stick around for a while in the future but the whole industry of cruise ships needs a wake-up call to develop and adhere to contemporary entertainment standards.

Cruise Ships, in general, is not a very modern concept so with time all of them will have to change the way they operate in order to stay in the business.

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