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Charleston’s unlikely love for gaming



When we think about cities that love gaming and have strong gaming communities charleston might not come up as one of the first choices. But actually the city is full of people who not only enjoy gaming but also create games and contribute to the community that way.

Often considered one of the more isolating activities gaming is actually one of the activities that create strong lost lasting communities between people and is something that players are very passionate about. Charleston gaming community is located mostly in Lowcountry, where two outstanding gaming companies and a handful of individuals are creating the Charleston’s gaming scene.

Examples of successful game developers from Charleston

Kiz Studios is based on John Island and develops games for PCs and mobiles as well. The online gaming community has really taken the whole industry to another level and continues to grow and develop with every passing year. Video Game industry is actually one of the highest-grossing entertainment industries in general and has the potential to overtake industries like moviemaking and even music. The sheer impact of online games is evident because even people who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves gamers have at least played some online game because they are easy, accessible and there at your disposal at any given moment.


This is why casino games are not a major part of the entire gambling business because they offer their clients the comfort of playing from home, mixed with the easy to use interface and efficiency. Online casino games have become one of the most demanded games and the situation is pretty much the same in all countries regarding this field. While some countries have strict regulations around gaming, it’s hard to restrict online gambling that way.


For example, Norway has strict regulations around gambling, but when it comes to online games, casinos for Norwegian players in 2020 will offer a variety of options regardless. Online games are actually a great way for people who don’t like socializing in the traditional way to get to talk to others or interact with the other way and to feel like they’re a part of the community. Kiz Studios has created games like Might & Mayhem, Dash Galactic, Critter Escape and Trans-Galactic Tournament. The studios are often hailed as the pioneers in Charleston and are responsible for creating the gaming community in Charleston.


The studio also has an office in Atlanta so it seems like Kiz is doing pretty well for itself. They switched to mobile games exclusively around 2010 and have since been focusing on their best performing games. Mobile gaming is a huge industry that covers people of all ages, unlike console games that tend to be more popular among young adults and teenagers. According to the founders of Kiz, the mobile gaming market is easier to get into, the competition is off the charts. And it’s’ no surprise because there are hundreds of variations on every theme possible and we see tons of new concepts and games come out every day making it harder for the beginners to get noticed. It is definitely a very competitive business but if you do it right you are almost guaranteed the loyalty of your customers.


But Kiz is not the only thing that makes up Charleston’s gaming community. It’s the people who play, people who develop games by themselves and those who value this community. You would be surprised how many developers there are in Charleston and their success with their products.  Games like Infinite Adventures, Legendary: Game of Heroes and President Pig ere all created by Charleston locals.

Gaming as a career

With the accessibility to game development learning, it is likely that the number of game developers will also grow in Charleston, especially considering that the community is already pretty strong and there is a type of gaming culture already present. It will be easier for future developers to consider the career in game development, or to take their gaming communities more seriously when they can see that many people from the same towns have made it in the industry and continue to deliver high-quality products to their customers.


The gaming industry is not going anywhere anytime soon and it will continue to grow its audience, its business and its forms in the future. Charleston has a chance to say its own word in the development of this industry and to make sure to promote and encourage those who want to pursue a career in gaming.Sometimes the older generation is a bit cautious around careers that center around innovative technologies and concepts but gaming has been around for long enough to be considered a solid career choice and considering how much the industry growing and how much money actually goes into its development, it’s easy to convince just about anybody that this is the right career path.


Charleston has a strong and hard-working gaming community and it is important to encourage those who want to make a career out of their hobbies.

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