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Where to Splurge and Where to Save on a Special Event



You might have a big event coming up, and no idea what you should be spending a lot of money on and what shouldn’t. And though this might be dependent on where your special event is, you will be surprised to find that you don’t have to spend all your savings on that event after all. With a little bit of searching, you can come up with several good options that will fit your taste perfectly for your special event. Here are some ideas as to where you should splurge money and the many areas where you can cut down unnecessary costs.


Let’s say you’re the CEO of a corporate, you want to rent a place for a special event. Your option here would be saving when choosing this place, meaning you will have to choose some place local and convenient and not far away and pricey so that everyone can come. Long-distance travel will not fit everyone’s schedules, so keep that in mind.


Flowers could be so beautiful on your wedding day, but decorating the place with thousands of them could cost you. Instead, you can use an assortment of candles and lanterns and save a lot of money. Centerpieces can be both beautiful and simple without spending a lot on them.


You can save money when it comes to catering. Consider a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner. Spending a lot of money on fancy food that might not appeal to everyone’s tastes seems unreasonable. Instead, spend money on the best affordable dishes that everyone will like. You might, for example, want to set a burger station, pizza station, or taco station. You’d better also consider that the event venue has an open catering policy, so you could choose the best caterer for your event.


Liquor is expensive, and people have different and hard-to-satisfy tastes. That doesn’t mean you will have to spend all your budget on an open bar. You can have a limited bar that will serve beer and wine, maybe a signature drink or two, but it won’t serve mixed drinks or top-shelf liquor.

Limo Service

That’s right. You can arrive at your event with a limo car and you won’t be overspending. Imagine yourself roaming the streets in a sleek limousine with all the features and equipment you could ask for. Hiring limos could’ve never been more affordable and more comfortable. Serving you both quality and luxury, and also helping you save money. You can arrive at your event with a limo car from Limo Find and you won’t be overspending


Despite how many jobs may be needed in your event, you will still need to find cost-effective ways to get all the help you can get. You can simply ask volunteers to work for you. You will be surprised to see people who are actually willing to help. Of course, they will need guidance and training regarding their tasks, especially for something that will require them to be attentive.


If your special event is your wedding, photos are not just pictures printed on paper; they capture memories for every second of your event. So, it is recommended that you get the best photographer your budget could get, let him capture every moment of the day, and let him take posed pictures and spontaneous pictures of you. Photos will stay with you forever, so make sure you hire the best photographer that can retell the day with pictures.

DJs and Musicians

This is where you will definitely need to splurge. Any party or event could be easily ruined with a bad musician/DJ. If the music is too loud, the attendees won’t be able to converse easily. If there is no sound at all, they will be bored out of their minds, and if the music does not go with the general mood, then it will be grating on the attendees’ ears. So, the musician or the DJ you’ll be hiring should be experienced with relevant music taste.


The atmosphere in the event will be determined by the lightning in the venue. You might not want them to flicker and irritate people beneath them or be fluorescent and hurt their eyes with their harsh glare so you might want to splurge on them. You should rent good lights that will set a warm atmosphere, highlight important figures in the venue, and hide any other features that you want to stay hidden.

It all depends, eventually, on your budget and the type of event you wish to hold. You may want to spend a lot of money on the event and that’s okay. Just make sure your money is well invested. It all comes down to balance; what you will save will benefit you on what you might want to splurge on.

Table setting

The table and seat arrangement is important if your event is with seated meals such as weddings. You need to make sure that the setting is keeping with the theme and at the same time, it needs to be functional. Your guests will spend more time sitting so they’ll most likely notice it. There’s no need to spend a fortune to make your tables and chair look great. There are affordable table and chair covers that you can use to your advantage and achieve a stunning table display.

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