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Miller Gallery to Host Art Walk Event on 3/1



By Miles Purvis

Press Release
Join Miller Gallery on March 1st from 5 pm to 8 pm for the opening reception of Tell Me Something, an exhibit by regional artists Liv Antonecchia, Charlotte Filbert, and Miles Purvis. 

Every artist has their own voice and form of expression, but sometimes colors alone don’t say it loud enough!Tell Me Something will feature painter Charlotte Filbert, collagist Miles Purvis, and ceramicist Liv Antonecchia with artwork that includes written messages. All naturally inclined to use written text in their work, these three artists harness the power of language to incite humor, communicate emotion, or make a call to action.

Liv Antonecchia, locally famous for her glazed ceramic donuts full of texture, bold color, and whimsy, will bring a new flavor to these a la carte delights. Donuts with quips like “Eat Me” stamped into the clay will make their way to the gallery in March. Her fans will want to come see these popular art pastries while they’re still hot out of the kiln!

Charlotte Filbert’s work is consistently loud and unapologetic in the best way, with splashes of thick paint and bold color. For Tell Me Something, Filbert will amp up the volume with the incorporation of passionate phrases and emotive expressions. Throughout Charlotte’s career she has gone through seasons of including language and text into her paintings. Filbert hopes to help her audience find a sense of organized chaos in a confusing, media-focused world.

Miles Purvis is driven by people, creating affecting collaged portraits of both loved ones and passers by. Recently, she has been adding quotes and sayings she’s heard. Inscribing the surface of the canvas as if the words still hung in the air around those who spoke them, Purvis lets each of her characters tell it like it is. Sometimes sassy, other times sweet, these quotes always lean towards truisms — with honesty lingering between the lines.

Language is a powerful channel for ideas and has been used to convey concepts in the visual arts for centuries. In Tell Me Something Charlotte Filbert, Miles Purvis, and Liv Antonecchia exhibit artwork that is their unique take on artful commentary.

Join us March 1, 2019 from 5-8pm for the opening reception of Tell Me Something. All are welcome!

This exhibit ends March 24, 2019. Visit for more info.
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