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Is It Profitable to Be a Freelance Writer in Charleston?



If you are reading this article, chances are you are at least thinking about starting a career as a freelancer. It is no surprise. Freelancing is one of the most rapidly-growing career choices among millennials and even older people are securing good futures and saving for retirement doing freelance work in addition to their regular jobs or as a source of supplemental income after retirement.

Whatever your story may be, There is a treasure trove of money to be made in freelancing. Even better, it doesn’t matter where you live. Most freelancers work from home and field offers from numerous online clients, or they work remotely for one specific client. Inside or outside of Charleston, there is plenty of money to be made freelancing, especially with writing.


Types of Freelance Writers

Freelance writing (or copywriting) is a diverse field with opportunities for every interest and skill level. Whatever subject or content type appeals most to you has a market. Some current content writing gigs include:

  • Blogger
  • Social media content creator
  • Academic Paper Writer
  • Marketing email writer
  • Ebook writer
  • Product Description Writer
  • White Paper Writer
  • Sales Copywriter (Long-form sales letters, sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages)

All an aspiring freelance writer needs are the desire to succeed and a working knowledge of how to get started. Let’s look at that part of the process right now.

Finding Your First Gig

One of the easiest ways to break into freelance writing is through one of the many online freelancing websites that match talented freelancers with the right clients. For writers, there are many good ones to consider. Here are just a few:

Upwork – This site deals with all kinds of freelancers from writing to graphic design to computer programming. The number of writing jobs on Upwork is a bid-based freelancing site which means that you do compete with other writers to secure projects, but there are plenty of clients out there willing to give an entry-level writer his or her first break.


EssayPro – The following site offers ample opportunity for promising content creators EssayPro – The following site offers ample opportunity for promising content creators to become academic writers. However, unlike Upwork it focuses mostly on the academic side of things.” However, unlike Upwork it focuses mostly on the academic side of things. With that in mind being able to compose convincing emails and help out with content for marketing campaigns is not out of the question as they only look to hire seasoned writers that are quite flexible.

Textbroker – One of the best parts about writing for Textbroker is that there is no bidding. The writer chooses assignments based on skill level and interest. A writing test is required as part of the application process but few writers, if any, are turned away. Writers are assigned ratings based on how they fare on the entrance exam and can ascend the ranks as their skills improve. This is great for writers who are just starting and need to get some practical experience.

Craigslist – Most Craigslist forums have sections for writing gigs and some very well-paying clients search for talent there. Be careful of scams as they are plenty there, too. Never agree to work with an agency that asks you to pay to be part of their team. Many legit, good-paying jobs don’t require it.

Approaching Clients

Most freelancing sites provide the means to submit cover letters, applications, and samples. This is not a requirement on any website, but it is a good idea to have some sample material and a good cover letter template at the ready. From there, the sites themselves do most of the work of getting clients and writers together.

We hope the above leaves you with a working knowledge of the opportunities that are available. Can you be a successful freelance writer living in Charleston? You definitely can. All it takes is a little knowledge going in and a winning attitude. Remember that, as with any job, it will take time to get right and develop a good reputation. Take only as much work as you can handle and deliver on time. That last bit will all but guarantee success.


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