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Holy Spokes Charleston Bike Share Burns 1 Million Calories in Less Than Three Months



What do 4,700 buttery biscuits, 11,111 glasses of sweet tea and 2,000 pieces of pecan pie have in common? They all equal one million calories, the same amount riders burned in almost three months since Holy Spokes and Title Partner MUSC Health challenged the community to do so within a year.

Launched in Charleston at the end of May, Holy Spokes is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sean Flood, CEO of Gotcha Bike, notes: “We were confident that we would reach 1 million calories but we had no idea it would be this fast.  The riders of Holy Spokes have proven that while calories are easy to come by in a foodie town like Charleston, the bike is the way to beat the bite!”

The 250 locally assembled bikes at the 26 bike corrals across the peninsula are the nation’s smartest, thanks to Gotcha Bike partner, Social Bicycles, and its proprietary GPS technology that allows users to locate and activate the bikes through a smartphone or computer and track their calories burned.

Since the launch, Holy Spokes has seen more than 10,000 bike rides traveling nearly 25,000 miles – even crossing the Legare and Ravenel Bridges. (we have also seen someone go to Folly)

“It’s exciting to see how enthusiastically the Charleston community has embraced the Holy Spokes Bike Share program,” said Patrick J. Cawley M.D., CEO of MUSC Health and Vice President for Health Affairs, University. “Burning 1 million calories in fewer than three months is particularly gratifying in light of our organization’s commitment to Build Healthy Communities. Holy Spokes is making Charleston an even more livable, fun and physically fit community and the Medical University of South Carolina is thrilled to help lead this effort.”

Holy Spokes has several different membership accounts, with options to pay annually, monthly or as you go.  Each plan includes an amount of daily free ride time, and the bikes are available to use 24/7.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: $8/hour (Prorated to the minute)
  • Monthly Membership: $15/month with 30 minutes of free ride time daily
  • Annual Membership: $69/year with one hour of free ride time daily

For more information on the Holy Spokes Bike Share please visit

Editor’s Note – This is an unedited press release

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