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Brookgreen Gardens Recognizes Two Women in Honor of Founder Anna Hyatt Huntington



Press Release

Brookgreen Gardens is recognizing two pioneering women in the local arts community in honor of Brookgreen’s founder Anna Hyatt Huntington. Martha Wallace Pellett has been awarded the Anna Hyatt Huntington Woman of Vision Award, which recognizes a contemporary woman who embodies Anna’s creative and philanthropic spirit and uses her gifts and vision to advance the arts. Coastal Carolina University student Autumn Sheree Belvin has been awarded the Next Generation Award, which recognizes a college student who uses her creative gifts to make an impact on the community.

Known as one of the finest American animal sculptors of the 20th century, Anna Hyatt Huntington created work that was placed in public locations throughout the country and around the world, as well as in numerous museum and private collections. In 1931, Anna, along with her husband, Archer, established Brookgreen Gardens, the first public sculpture garden in America and a preserve for native plants and animals. In 1992, Brookgreen Gardens was designated a National Historic Landmark due to Anna Hyatt Huntington’s significance as an artist and patron of the arts and because of the number of women represented in the sculpture collection, making it an important site for women’s history in America.

“Anna Hyatt Huntington is known as much for her work as a patron of the arts as she is for her work as a sculptor,” says Page Kiniry, president of Brookgreen Gardens. “We’re proud to honor these two women who are pioneers for the causes that align with Anna’s mission that Brookgreen carries on to this day.”

Martha Wallace Pellett

Martha Wallace Pellett is a painter and sculptor with many years of non-profit experience. She is currently a board member of Brookgreen Gardens, a trustee of the Falls Park Endowment, a past board member and vice-chair of the Greenville County Museum Commission and has served in several positions in the Garden Club of America. She was previously a board member of the International Chamber Music Series, the Peace Center for the Performing Arts and Positive Exposures, board member and chair of The Museum Association, Greenville County Museum of Art, and board member and chair of Camperdown Academy, board member and chair of The Wallace Foundation (SC) and president of Carolina Foothills Garden Club. Martha holds a bachelor’s in fine arts and political science from Vanderbilt University and a J.D. from USC School of Law.

Autumn Sheree Belvin

Autumn Sheree Belvin is a student at Coastal Carolina University (CCU) majoring in visual art. Originally from Honolulu, HI., Autumn attended Conway High School. Since arriving at CCU in 2021, she has achieved the Dean’s List for two semesters while working in the sculpture studio, foundry, department of visual art office, and the President’s office. She has an unsurpassed work ethic and influences her peers through her dedication to creating an uplifting community of makers. Autumn recently created a copper metal piece titled “Embrace,” which consists of about 40 individual two-layer copper metal flowers; making a flower lei. The metal neckpiece is designed to thank and appreciate her past upbringing and welcome a new future. After graduation, Autumn Sheree plans to pursue a graduate degree.

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