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Five Signs It Is Time for You to Quit Sports Betting



Sports betting is unarguably fun and worthwhile when you do the right things. For many punters, it is as easy as placing a few money bets on their favorite soccer teams. But for others, it is one of the biggest problems they have to battle against.

A better aspect of the modern problem gamblers is the introduction of online responsible gaming services. Most of the top brands recognize this addiction problem, so, they offer proper assistance to those that reach out for help. To find some of these sites, you can check apuestas deportivas chile as they offer in-depth reviews on bookies that provide gambling addiction assistance.

However, before it gets to the point where sports betting becomes a problem, here are five signs telling you to quit:

You Gamble With Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

Sports betting is a problem when you start gambling with money you cannot afford to lose. Professional bettors, and even bookies always advise that you only stake with an amount you can afford to lose. But when you start taking money that is important for your day-to-day survival, it becomes a huge problem.

For many with families, it becomes a bigger issue when they start prioritizing their betting habits over their families. In this case, all of the budgeted funds expected to be for the family and other individual needs become the bookies’. In the worst cases, you start borrowing to gamble.

You Borrow Money for Sports Betting

As said previously, the habit gets worse when you start borrowing to get funds. It might seem like you have got everything under control. But, that is a big lie; borrowing leads you to debts that you are not sure you can recover from.

Gambling is a game of chance and luck, so why bank on returning your borrowed funds with profit from it? Do not allow the dream of making your goal profits cloud your judgments, borrowing for sports betting is trouble you will never enjoy.

While many others end up borrowing into huge debts, you might actually end up doing the extremes to get money. This is a clear sign it is time to quit sports betting before you end up in deeper debt or criminal acts.

You Fight With Your Family Because You Spend A Lot of Time on Betting

Once your betting habit becomes an issue between you and your family, it is time you stop it. You will start seeing signs like your spouse or parents frequently mentioning that you gamble a lot. Even some of your friends might begin to complain about your behavior change.

Besides the fact that you might eventually start prioritizing more budgeted money on gambling, you will no longer have time for the family. It starts bringing a problematic distance between you and your loved ones. Of course, that doesn’t sound well. Quitting sports gambling is the right thing to do at this point.

You Try To Recover Losses By Gambling More

Have you reached the point where you gamble more just to recover from your losses? If no is your answer, you are safe. Otherwise, start planning your way out of sports betting for good.

Problem gamblers have a common thought that gambling more and more will eventually clear their losses. This is a clear issue for these sets of gamblers. Avoid scenarios like this by closing your device once you realize you are on a losing streak.

You Can’t Stop Betting, Irrespective Of What is Happening in Your Life

No doubt, sports betting is one of the most entertaining activities on the internet. However, it becomes an issue when you no longer find it entertaining. Many bettors end up using sports betting as a coping mechanism for many life issues they are struggling with.

No matter what life throws at you, betting is not the right thing to do. It will only worsen your condition, leave you in debt and ruin your relationships. So, once you find yourself just betting to relieve stress or anxiety, take the right step and quit immediately.

Betting the Right Way

Although sports betting can be a huge problem, if you do it the right way, you will enjoy it. And what is the right way? We like to call it common sense betting.

First, never count on betting as your source of income. Instead, it should be for entertainment purposes only. Then most importantly, never stake an amount you can’t afford to lose. Provided that you apply these two rules, you are doing it the right way, and you will enjoy sports betting.


Betting should be a fun and interactive activity, not an addiction. Once you start experiencing one or more of these signs, by now, you should know you have to quit sports betting. It is for the betterment of your life, family, friends, and finances.

How do I quit sports betting? If you believe your habits have become an addiction, take the necessary steps. First, seek professional guidance on quitting. In addition to that, get good support from your family and friends.

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