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Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host “Vacilando” Exhibition by California Based Fibers Artist Meghan Shimek



Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host Works by Meghan Shimek during her “’Vacilando” Exhibition, June 2023

Grand Bohemian Gallery will present an exhibition by California-based fibers artist Meghan Shimek in June. The “Vacilando” exhibition will be on display from June 2nd to June 25th, although portions of the show will remain on display through August 28th. 

Based in Oakland, California, Shimek creates large scale woven wall hangings and sculptures. Her engaging work is ethereal, whimsical and delicate, but rooted in the warm, earthy materials she uses. Exploring organic movement, Shimek’s weaving style allows the fibers to fall into an indeterminate pattern that reveals the beauty and vulnerability of her materials.  

Shimek was raised in Michigan and studied history and nutrition before discovering her true passion in weaving. Since dedicating herself fully to fiber work, she has studied tapestry and Navajo weaving, rigid heddle and floor loom weaving. Shimek developed her own signature weaving style over several years as she explored how art can be used to express grief and heal after personal loss. Today, Shimek exhibits her work, creates commissions, and teaches weaving workshops across the world. “Vacilando” is her first exhibition in Charleston.  

“Vacilando” is a Spanish word that means to wander or travel with the knowledge that the journey is more important than the destination. The inspiration for this show is about the collective and individual journey we have all been on over the last three years. Shimek has learned that time is a construct. So many days and months mixed together and have formed a feeling more than concrete, tangible moments. In recognizing that her relationship to the world and to time itself has shifted so greatly, she focuses more on creating, enjoying and being still in experiences and moments; allowing them to connect instead of having a defining end. This is reflected in the long strands of wool that fold and collapse on one another, the wool that spent hours, sometimes days soaking in its color.

“I appreciate the time I am allowed to spend with these pieces before they continue their journey in the world,” Shimek said.

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