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The Sims 4: South Carolina Crowned Best State for Replicating the Game’s Dream House



New research from JeffBet, a casino website, has revealed how much players’ dream house in The Sims 4 would cost to buy in real life – and which states offer the closest real-life properties. The site determined that South Carolina is the best state for those looking for their dream Sims house in real life, as the same home style and size is available for a near-identical price.

The findings, pulled together by JeffBet, converted simoleons (§) to US dollars by correlating the real-life cost of in-game items – including books, utensils, and appliances – and applying this conversion rate to the game’s most-downloaded residential lots, to guess their price. According to the game’s most-downloaded residential lots, the ideal house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and measures 1,200 square feet – and costs an average of 184,019 simoleons (§) to buy unfurnished.

Based on the real-life cost of in-game items across America’s retailers, one simoleon is equivalent to 2.95 dollars, meaning the dream house would cost just shy of $543k in real life. No doubt, this sum is extremely high. For saving it people should have additional tips how to earn this money. One of such examples is  these best online pokies in Australia. As well as looking at the average size, bedroom count and bathroom count across the most popular residential lots in the game, the analysis also took into account each lots’ features – with the dream home preferably having a gable roof, front porch, and window shutters.

Properties are priced differently in each state based on a variety of factors, including zip code, bedroom count, and square footage – but it is possible to find your dream The Sims 4 house in real life – as long as you go to South Carolina, Arizona, or Alaska.

According to current house prices, you should be able to get a three-bed, three-bath, 1,200-sq.ft. home in South Carolina for $547,300 – only slightly more than The Sims 4. Looking at recent three-bed property listings also revealed that the majority either have a gable roof or a front patio, whilst window shutters were also a very common feature.

Meanwhile, prospective buyers could find the same property for around $561,600 in Arizona or $564,100 in Alaska. The states where they’ll end up paying the most for The Sims 4 home include Hawaii (at $1.9 million), California ($1.49 mil) and Massachusetts ($1.13 mil).

Top 10 best states for The Sims 4 dream house 

  1. South Carolina – $547,300
  2. Arizona – $561,600
  3. Alaska – $564,100
  4. South Dakota – $581,100
  5. Virginia – $582,200
  6. Vermont – $584,900
  7. North Carolina – $587,000
  8. Delaware – $488,100
  9. Kansas – $447,800
  10. Georgia – $613,600

Data gathered from The Sims 4 base game, the Housing Price Index, Zillow, Redfin, Rockethomes and various US high-street retailers for currency conversion. 

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