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Here’s Why You Should Watch the Kentucky Derby



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The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown series and one of the most famous horse races worldwide. The Triple Crown series is one of the most anticipated sporting events worldwide and is about to start this month! 

Moreover, the Kentucky Derby is rich with history and culture. Many traditions are passed down today, like drinking Mint Julep on the day of the event and draping a lush blanket of 554 red roses to whoever wins the Kentucky Derby race. 

It goes without saying that the Run for the Roses is a must-watch event. Let’s discuss further why you should add the Kentucky Derby race to your schedule for this weekend. 

Great Betting Opportunities

Did you know horse racing is among the most heavily wagered sporting events worldwide? With the Triple Crown’s popularity, it’s no surprise that Kentucky Derby is watched and wagered by thousands of people worldwide. The purse money alone attracts locals and international fans since it remains one of the most significant purse money every year! 

You have various betting opportunities: you can choose your top picks for horse racing and place a win, place, show, exacta, or trifecta bet. The type of bets you can place doesn’t stop there! You can even place a superfecta, ’the box,’ or ‘the key’ wager.

It’s The Pride of Kentucky

Compared to other states, Kentucky prides itself on this sporting event. It’s evident once you enter the state and the stadium. 

Kentucky focuses on making the Kentucky Derby enjoyable for locals and visitors. It also helps that Kentucky doesn’t have many sporting events besides college basketball. They prioritize making the Kentucky Derby a national and international worthy stage. 

It’s The Longest Running Sports Event

The Kentucky Derby may be older than you! The very first Kentucky Derby race was held on May 17, 1875. Back then, a crowd of 10,000 watched the birth of history at Churchill Downs. As you can see, the Kentucky Derby was held in the same place as the first race, even during the Great Depression or the World Wars. It survived these two tragic historical events, and we can still enjoy it today. 

As mentioned above, the Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown series. It’s followed by the Preakness Stakes in Pimlico Race Course on May 20, 2023. And the last leg, where horses would be congratulated with the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, is held in Belmont Park, New York, on June 10, 2023.  

Numerous Ticket Package Options

Do you plan on watching the Kentucky Derby live? That’s a wise decision since nothing beats watching a sporting event live, especially for horses that run at full speed. Be part of Kentucky Derby history by watching it live this month. You may also see the rich and famous in the stadium since it attracts royals and celebrities. 

You can enjoy the game in any part of Churchill Downs Racetrack – it’s up to you! There are about 30 different seating package options. The price and, naturally, the location varies. Different inclusions come with the packages. Just choose a ticket option that’s suitable for your watching needs.

Do you want to experience the wild Kentucky Derby, where you can socialize with other horse racing fans? Getting a general admission or infield ticket would be perfect for this experience. You can enjoy a great watching party with other 80,000 spectators beside you, socializing, drinking mint juleps, and cheering all day. 

The Refreshing Mint Julep 

What is mint julep? It’s the official cocktail drink for the Run for the Roses. This cocktail has bourbon, fresh mint, ice, granulated sugar, and water. It’s similar to a mojito, but bourbon replaces the rum. Every Triple Crown season, this iconic drink is served around 120,000 times. Drinking the Mint Julep is a customary must-drink in the event, with a tradition that’s been continued for almost a century. 

It’s a special cocktail that there’s a special day that celebrates the existence of this cocktail. It’s at the end of the month, every May 30. It commemorates its introduction in the 1930s at the Kentucky Derby. 

The Mint Julep is an excellent refreshing summer drink; it’s so addicting to drink under the sun while watching the Kentucky Derby, but always remember to drink in moderation. If you’re thirsty, drink water instead. It would be hard to enjoy the game when drunk or intoxicated from bourbon. 

Final Thoughts

Do you want to be part of history this 2023? The Kentucky Derby contenders’ selection comes with their strengths, and many are still contemplating who will win the Triple Crown. Do you have a guess who it might be? If so, don’t miss your chance, and register yourself with a sports book immediately! The Kentucky Derby ensures excitement, socialization, Mint Juleps, and betting opportunities. So what are you waiting for?

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