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Maximize Your Reach: 10 Ways to Get More Engagement on TikTok



You must decide quickly if you need clarification on TikTok’s value for your business line. Compared to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, TikTok is still relatively young and expanding faster. This platform is used by millions of companies, company owners, creators, and influencers to market their brands and grow their organic reach. Teenagers and younger generations first use every social media site. TikTok usage is also more common among Gen Z and millennials between 16 and 24. This is why you need to know how to get more engagement on TikTok. TikTok heavily depends on its engagement rate. On TikTok, more and more users like, comment, and share other users’ videos. More comments on your TikTok videos means more engagement. To boost your engagement, order up to 4k custom comments. The result of this action will amaze you.

10 Verified Ways to Get More Engagement on TikTok Videos

Without much ado, here are 10 tested and trusted ways by which you can grow your comments and get more engagement rate on your TikTok content. If you are a beginner on TikTok, these strategies will teach you how to get more engagement on TikTok. 

1. Publish Content Regularly

Being consistent and frequent can boost your interaction and gain popularity on the TikTok platform. It aids in maintaining audience interest and encourages viewers to watch your content. Your TikTok videos can earn a ton of likes and experience high interaction when you release a variety of content frequently. The most fantastic method to save time and keep audience engagement is to schedule your content using a TikTok calendar. Producing videos on various subjects may encourage people to access and interact with your content. You can find trending videos on the TikTok “For You” tab and make videos based on trends.

2. Share Backstage Videos

You must post behind-the-scenes footage if you use TikTok to advertise your brand or company. It is the best way to establish connections with your followers and raise engagement levels. Demonstrating the regular procedures of your sector, staff, group, and culture is beneficial. For instance, document your daily activities and business operations in little movies to share with others. Boosted brand visibility, high levels of interaction, will be your final results. 

3. New, High-Quality Video

The first and best tactic on TikTok for increasing the likelihood that the audience will see your video is to share high-resolution videos. Your video’s initial few seconds determine whether or not it receives any views. Experience is optional to produce high-quality videos. However, if you’re recording videos, ensure sufficient lighting and sound. Sharing high-quality videos on your TikTok profile attracts many visitors and increases engagement—users like vibrant, attention-grabbing material on all social networks.

4. Utilize The Tiktok “For You” Page

The main feed on TikTok is the “For You” tab, which features many popular and recent videos. You will see the For You page when you first use the TikTok app; the videos on this page are based on your preferences and prior actions. Videos posted on the For You page will also get lots of views immediately.

5. Stream Live Events

TikTok offers a live broadcast option similar to other social media sites so users can interact with their fans in real time. Going live on TikTok grows your fan base and increases the popularity of your videos on TikTok. TikTok’s live streaming feature enables producers to interact with their audience by responding to queries, imparting expertise, and encouraging profile followers. Going live on TikTok promotes audience interaction, increases video visibility, and establishes credibility, in addition to helping you attract more users to your profile.

6. Promote Your Challenges

Hashtags challenges are great methods for increasing engagement and account exposure. On TikTok, you can advertise hashtag challenges in two different methods, including creating engaging hashtags for your issues and taking part in challenges set by other users.

Participate in other people’s challenges, but pick the most well-liked one and showcase your creativity in that film. Start developing your challenges concurrently, and use your creativity and effort to provide original content to support your tasks. Choose the ideal and relevant theme for your audience and motivate people to join by pointing out how enjoyable and humorous many TikTok challenges are.

7. Include Compelling CTAs

“Call to Action” (CTA) refers to a text or line that urges readers, followers, and consumers to perform specific actions, like calling, installing, downloading, and more. If you want your business to receive the most exposure possible and boost your social proof, add the correct CTA in your content.

Further, include a call to action button in your TikTok description section, which expands the audience for your profile and builds brand recognition.

8. Use The Q&A Function

In March 2021, TikTok introduced a new Q&A function that is now exclusive to the account of the app’s developer. It will be shown in the bio section of your profile. For instance, users can urge you to publish all makeup lesson videos or to share your opinions on content creators, among other things.

Instructions for using TikTok’s Question & Answer function;

  • On the TikTok settings page, switch to a Creator account.
  • Visit your settings page and select “creator.”
  • Turn on the Q&A option by tapping the Q&A button.

Your followers will receive a notification after enabling this option, and they can post questions.

9. Respond to the Comments of Your Audience

TikTok features a fantastic comment option that lets you respond to feedback from your viewers. With the help of this function, you can quickly determine your audience’s interests and produce content depending on their feedback.

Comments are a fantastic option for actively engaging with your fans and gaining dedicated followers for your TikTok account. To employ this function;

  • Choose content from your library, choose the option to remark, and then pick the comment you want to respond to.
  • When a red video camera symbol shows up in the left corner, tap it.
  • After a record response, it will immediately go to the screen.
  • You can move the remark and display it on the screen once your video is finished to encourage engagement with your content.

With this, even a beginner can start learning how to get more engagement on TikTok.

10. With Other TikTok Creators, Stitch & Duet

Just two features on Stitch and Duet are exclusive to this social media site. One of the most recent tools for editing videos is called Stitch, and it lets you work with other people’s videos and merge them into your own. You can edit the user’s video, add movies of yourself, and stitch it together using the stitching feature. Asking questions and enticing viewers to stitch your films is a terrific method to increase interaction.

Additionally, the duet feature enables you to work together on videos displayed side by side. The duet is a fantastic feature if you’re a business owner trying to market your brand to a large audience and connect with more people. If you want other people to contribute to your content, you must enable the “allow duet” and “allow stitch” options.


In summary about understanding how to get more engagement on TikTok, you need to create and recreate viral content to draw viewers to your videos and increase your success rate on TikTok. Ensure your TikTok videos are of the highest caliber, the most popular, and the most interesting. Therefore, you can quickly gain more viewers and become a featured user on the TikTok For You page. Once you begin posting to TikTok, be persistent and consistent. If you use every one of these characteristics, your goal will be accomplished swiftly.

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