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What Exactly Is Cloud?



The development of the digital environment leads to the production of a huge amount of data that needs to be stored somewhere. And the more data, the more powerful computers must be to process it. If each user or organization buys personal servers for these purposes, this will create many inconveniences. Much more efficient is to create or join a virtual environment called the Cloud.

What Are the Tasks of the Cloud

All the operations that you perform on your computer can be transferred to the cloud. But at the same time, they will be executed much faster, because the computing power of the cloud infrastructure is thousands of times higher than that of your computer. Here are just a few of the most requested Labs Cloud services features that make life easier for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike:

  • Instant deployment of projects and the possibility of their joint management;
  • Data storage in any format, including heavy content;
  • Keeping apps running smoothly even during peak traffic hours;
  • Rapid software development thanks to cloud capacities;
  • Access to applied services that can be useful for your company, and more.

G-Core Labs Cloud Infrastructure Capabilities

The best option for businesses is to use hybrid cloud services. In this case, for each specific user, a personal virtual environment is created using the capabilities of both public and private clouds. G-Core Labs offers more than 20 types of cloud services that allow you to optimize and scale your business. Thanks to a widely distributed network of CDN, your business will be easily accessible to partners and consumers from all over the world.

And for this, you will not have to purchase additional expensive equipment or pay salaries to highly qualified specialists. Because all this cloud infrastructure is already built by G-Core Labs and is maintained by a professional team. All you need is to choose the type of cloud service that best suits your business and get access to it.

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