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The best movies to download from torrent sites



Top films accessible from torrent sites for you to download can be of great interest to many film buffs. Using some torrent customers, it is possible from the comfort of one’s apartment or home to get downloaded films of any genre and/or size. Here we take a closer view of our top-rated films that are available to be downloaded from torrent websites and will keep you busy.

List of movies 

Science Fiction is among the top genres among users of torrent sites. Films of this genre amaze the audience with their fantastical storyline and amazing imagery. Among the top sci-fi films that can be downloaded off torrent sites are Interstellar, Avatar, Prometheus, and Source Code.

If you love drama movies, pictures you should pay attention to are “Obsession,” “Operation Argo,” “Forrest Gump” and “The Green Mile.” These movies are going to help you understand true life with its wonderful and sad parts.

Among the top downloadable films available from the torrent websites are such titles as “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring”, “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”, “The Truman Show”, “Yard Window”, “The Deer Hunter”, “Back to the Future”, “Escape from Shawshank”, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, “The Godfather”, “Schindler’s List”.

Besides, there are new movies that are quickly gathering traction with the audience. Among them are films such as “The Walking Castles”, “Cruella”, “Peter Rabbit 2”, “Matrix 4”, “Scream 5”, “Dune”, “A Quiet Place 2”, “The Last Duel”, “007: No Time to Die”.

Popular torrent sites for downloading movies 

Despite the plethora of legitimate film stream media streaming sites available, a lot of consumers would still rather choose to utilize Torrent sites for content downloads. There is a vast amount of such websites, though some of them appear to be more mainstream compared to others.

Among the best-known movie-downloading peer-to-peer torrent sites is The Pirate Bay. Established pirate proxy in the year 2003, this website has been hit hard by legislative enforcement of copyright violations ever since. Yet, it is still accessible to consumers and has a massive movie database.

One more popular website is YTS. The site specialized in high-quality film copies that are available in various degrees and can be downloaded in various formats. YTS also features a convenient user experience with an easy-to-use menu and easy-to-navigate film categorization.

RARBG is yet again a hot download website that has existed since 2008. The site focuses on movie and TV shows, games, and Music downloads. RARBG has a lot of enthusiastic members and a vast film database.

1337x is a relatively newer torrent website that came into existence in 2007. It was established in reaction to The Pirate Bay being locked down in certain countries. 1337x has various movie categories, ranging from new releases to classics. It has also a user-friendly user experience and an extensive choice of movies.

Finally, LimeTorrents is yet more torrent website with different movie categories. This website has a lot of enthusiastic members along the way and an enormous movie database. LimeTorrents is also offering a variety of different film downloads, even high-end copies.

Overall, there are a lot of different torrent websites that are popular for downloading films.

What causes users to select torrent sites for downloading movies?

Consumers select torrent sites to get films for several reasons. Firstly, it is easy and fast. Torrent sites can offer virtually any film that you can find in just several clicks to be downloaded. Additionally, the speed of downloads at torrent websites is generally higher than other sources.

Second, a lot of people select torrent sites due to the accessibility and availability of the content. Some films might be impossible to get on other websites or utilities, so the torrent sites represent the sole method to obtain their desired content.

Three, a lot of consumers opt for torrent websites due to freedom of charge. In contrast to others, torrent sites do not charge for getting to the films or for the use of the services. It makes torrent websites more appealing among consumers who don’t wish to waste cash on torrent-related content.

Generally, consumers choose torrent sites for downloading films due to ease of use, accessibility of information, and freedom of content. A lot of users think it’s an easy way to get their favorite films, programs, audio, and other things to enjoy all these software programs. Due to the torrent sites, you pay for no programming and remain on profit. 

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