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Dorchester Paws Partners with Orivet to Help Animals Leave the Shelter Quicker



Press Release

Orivet and Dorchester Paws have teamed up to help a shelter dog understand what its breed is in hopes of him finding his forever home quicker.  

“Often times, animals are judged by how they look or what the shelter places on the kennel cards, ” says Danielle Zuck, Director of Development & Marketing. “When an animal is judged, by their looks, it not only creates myths about the animal but it hurts their chances of finding a home due to all the breed specific discrimination that still exists. At Dorchester Paws, we believe it’s about finding the right lifestyle to fit the dog vs. judging a breed by the stereotypes. When we know more about the breed, we can pair that animal better with an adopter’s lifestyle better than ever.”

Ham (above right)

“For a small animal shelter, having this data helps to set the adopter and resident up to success more/thrive together as they will know more about their personalities and lifestyles, ” says Zuck. Knowing the breeds gives us intel we never would have had before, and it gives the animals the chance to be heard, versus judged. By having this the animals in our care the longest, like Ham, are able to have more of a story told about them, and to be more relatable as a family pet vs. another dog in the shelter.”

Ham came into Dorchester Paws after living in a home. He was house-trained, happy, and knew some commands. He was truly a “HAM” where he just wanted to give love and receive it. Ham had a lot stacked against him though. He was a big goof, who needed some additional training. He craved attention and someone to play with him, and when he lived in a kennel day in and day out, it would frustrate him. He was showing signs of shelter deterioration, and because he “looked” like an American Staffordshire Terrier, he was passed by daily, to no fault of his own.

Ham was in our care, and living at our shelter for 208 days.

His results revealed:

  • 32% – American Staffordshire Terrier
  • 32% – Cane Corso
  • 11% – Shetland Sheepdog
  • 10% – Shar Pei
  • 10% – Chow Chow

“We are also ecstatic to have been chosen the winner of the Orivet Thank You Contest, which spotlighted pet shelters’ essential work in care for and rehoming pets in need,” says Zuck. “We are incredibly grateful for their support of our mission and the partnership we’ve created to help animals in finding their forever homes.”

To read more about the contest:

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