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The Advantages of Purchasing Lightroom Presets



One of the hottest topics of discussion among a large number of photographers is the necessity to use presets in their work. Some see it as a convenient and fast way to post-process photos, while others see it as a sure way to lose their own originality in their work. The variety of presets and the number of their purchases only confirm the fact that the consumer needs them! 

Many photographers are wondering how to create a preset in Lightroom. Let’s figure out together which option is more reliable: the purchase of a ready-made tool, or the product of your work. 

By the way, an incredible number of Lightroom presets, which will make your picture unique, and reduce the process of work to a minimum, you can find on Skylum`s site. You will be able to choose the presets that suit your style, as well as read a detailed description of each product.

Save Your Time With a Professional Tool

It’s like delegating your work to a professional in the context of presetting the application to edit the photo you want. As a result, you get quality work and save your personal and work time. Here’s a list of the benefits of using presets:

  • ready-made color toning ideas; 
  • the ability to experiment more with the photo you want, transforming it into a particular style; 
  • instantly see the result of processing a photo with the help of a preset, without wasting a lot of time on a lot of actions. 

Pick the right one for you and then refine it in manual mode to get your unique photo. 

Recognize That There are Experts Who Do This Job Better Than You

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice photographer or a specialist who has fully mastered the craft. It’s just not possible to be the best at everything. A common practice is to hire an assistant to do part of the work, namely post-processing of the photo, on a permanent basis. In order to avoid wasting money on such a partner, and to quickly get beautifully processed photos specially trained people can create presets for you, which you can buy and use to get quick quality results of your work. 

Of course, with time and practice you will master the process of post-processing, but while there are gaps in your knowledge, use the skills of other people and get inspiration from them.

Get Inspiration! 

Each person’s eye sees the same objects, colors, and shadows completely differently. With such tools, you can discover something new and completely unexpected for you, but something that you will want to use in your work. 

Even if you’re good at color correction and photo post-processing, using presets you can undoubtedly discover the following for yourself: 

  •  new ideas, and new possibilities, which you will use in your work; 
  •  add creativity to your work, which you’ll borrow from the presets;  
  •  additional directions, styles, and more. 

Some photographers consider the work done using these kinds of tools as a kind of cheating and stealing other people’s ideas, but this is a big mistake! Using the same preset on the photos of different photographers, the results will be absolutely unique.

How to Create a New Preset in Lightroom?

The process of creating a new preset is quite fast and obviously easy thanks to the user-friendly interface of artificial intelligence. You must pick the necessary parameters and settings to edit a photo, which you can easily save and reuse. 

What might be the arguments for creating presets yourself? Let’s list them: 

  • there are contests, one of the conditions of which is a ban on the admission of the participant whose photos are edited using the purchased preset, and accordingly, in such a case, you will have to edit photos in manual mode; 
  • it can be your hobby, the process of which brings you pleasure, in which case, of course, you will make a choice in favor of self-correction of your work; 
  • the realization of some non-standard idea that you thought up for yourself, and the analog of which is not possible to find among the existing presets. 

This process is quite interesting and gives you the opportunity to implement your own creative ideas. If you have enough free time and skills, then of course you’ll make a choice in favor of self-post-processing frames. 

But What If You Don’t Make a Choice In Favor Of One Thing? 

If you have purchased presets, you can instantly see the result of any treatment of a frame and understand how suitable your idea is. After all, you can choose the most suitable for you option, and then modify the picture in manual mode, to the result which you need.

In addition, the preset that you bought, you can adjust according to your vision, and save it for reuse. It’s very handy! In this way, you may well create your own collection, the foundation of which will be the purchased Lightroom presets.

Last Words 

In this article, you were able to highlight for yourself: 

  • the advantages of purchasing Lightroom presets, and we can say that there are no disadvantages;  
  • the advantages of processing your own frames, which are much less; 
  • based on the previous point – how to make a preset in Lightroom

There are a lot of arguments for you to buy presets, which are created by professionals in the field, and which really simplify your work, and save you time. By spending your money on a ready-made tool, you also free up time to take pictures and earn more. Arguments in favor of the purchase can be listed for a long time, but the main ones are listed and then the choice is up to you.

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