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Best Basketball College Prospects From South Carolina



For decades, the great state of South Carolina has been closely tied to sports, and basketball isn’t the exception to that rule.

We’ve seen countless stars like Ja Morant, Alex English, Kevin Garnett, Khris Middleton, and many others take their talents to the National Basketball Association after learning the ropes of the game in local gyms in SC.

Of course, they have to go to college first, which is why so many people are keeping tabs on March Madness. If that’s your case, then don’t hesitate to visit

South Carolina’s basketball tradition runs deep, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. As a matter of fact, there are several young hoopers who are a lock to follow their colleague’s steps and make it to the pros, and we’re going to let you know everything about them now.

Most Impressive Prospects Form South Carolina

5. Perry Smith – PF, uncommitted

While he hasn’t made a decision about his NCAA future, Perry Smith sure seems to be one of the most promising athletes in the state. His combination of athleticism, size and raw power make him an intriguing guy with no shortage of interest from top-tier programs.

Smith is already 6’9’’ and continues to grow, so there’s a chance he can reach 7’0’’ by the time he’s NBA-eligible. Moreover, he’s got an NBA-ready body already, although he needs to work on his offensive repertoire.

4. Zachary Davis – PG, South Carolina

Even though he’s not a starter and might need another season before being NBA-ready, Zachary Davis has already earned plenty of praise for his potential. He’s a score-first kind of guy who can get hot in the blink of an eye, and his shot-making has come in handy for the Gamecocks.

Davis has the whole package offensively, but he needs to make strides on the defensive end to earn some more playing time. He has the shooting skills and layup package of a future NBA star, but he needs to keep polishing his game and decision-making.

3. MJ Collins – PG/SG, Virginia Tech

MJ Collins is one of the most polarizing players born in Pennsylvania right now. Some believe he’s too big to be a point guard but not a good-enough scorer to be a shooting guard. Well, it’s safe to say that the truth might as well be somewhere in-between.

Collins has shown glimpses of greatness playing at both positions for the Virginia Tech Hokies. He’s only going to get better once the game starts slowing down for him, and we all know the only way to achieve that is with more reps and playing time. He projects more like a shooting guard at the next level.

2. Noah Clowney – PF, Alabama

Noah Clowney’s NBA Draft stock continues to rise. He’s got untapped physical potential at the power forward position, but he’s way more than just his physique. As a matter of fact, he might as well be one of the best finishers in his class, and he’s only gotten better throughout the course of the season.

His character had shown when his team needed him, constantly stepping up in the most significant moments of the season. He might still need to expand his range to be a modern-day PF, but he can also play some small-ball five if needed.

1. GG Jackson – PF, South Carolina

GG Jackson continues to turn many heads at both the power forward and center positions. He’s got a strong and physical frame and is mobile and laterally quick enough to be deadly on the defensive end as a switcher.

Jackson figures to be a first-round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, drawing comparisons with Bam Adebayo for his physicality and outstanding defense, although it might take him a while to become an offensive factor.

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