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Style Dos and Don’ts for Men



Style is subjective and there is really no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself through your clothing, footwear and accessory choices.

But if you are in the mindset of wanting to improve your style there are some basic style rules that you can follow to ensure you put your best self forward and show you put effort into the way you look. Keep reading for some simple style dos and don’ts.


Do: Regularly declutter your wardrobe

It cannot be underestimated how important it is to keep your wardrobe organized and streamlined. Twice a year it is a good idea to get rid of old or stained clothing, and donate items that you no longer fit or wear.

By keeping your wardrobe ordered, it will make putting outfits together much easier. While hanging or folding clothing correctly will mean everything is clearly visible. A regular declutter may also highlight key areas of your wardrobe that are lacking which can inform future shopping decisions.


Do: Invest in basics 

Spending a little extra on the items you wear week in week out will mean that they stay looking great for longer. Assess your style to see what styles and fits you enjoy wearing the most, this is the best area to invest your money. A great pair of jeans will see you through almost any occasion. A tailored suit will be a go-to for special occasions. Even a good quality basic t-shirt or knit jumper will look great and can be worn in many different ways.


Do: Have a selection of footwear choices 

Footwear can often let down an otherwise great outfit. It is important for men to have a variety of shoe options suitable for different seasons and occasions. The essential styles every man should own include a pair of Chelsea boots for the winter months, an Oxford dress shoe for special occasions, a classic pair of trainers are useful year-round and a loafer will look great in the summer months.

It doesn’t matter the price point, from ICON shoes to simple sneakers. You need to care for you shoes to keep them looking their best for many years. Keep shoes polished and stored carefully in boxes, especially when out of season.


Do: Style your hair 

Your hair is a key part of your appearance and you can wear the best outfit but if you tumble from the bed to the office without styling your hair it will let the overall look down. It shows a lack of effort, so spend a few minutes every morning on your grooming routine, to ensure you look your best all day long.


Don’t: Wear baggy trousers 

When it comes to presenting yourself in the best possible way on a day-to-day basis then you have to wear a pair of trousers that fit correctly. Baggy, loose-style trousers appear sloppy. Instead, invest some time and money into buying and tailoring a few pairs of trousers and jeans to cover all occasions. Trousers should be well fitted in terms of length and they should sit on your waist without the need for a belt. Below the waist looks immature, and higher up is reminiscent of your grandfather’s style.


Don’t: Wear tight clothing

Regardless of whether you like fitted clothing or not, if your clothing is pulling in key areas such as your chest, back, stomach or thighs then it is too small and you need to size up. Tight clothing will not flatter your body shape and will not be comfortable to always buy the correct size when shopping


Don’t: Wear wrinkled clothes

Again, it will not matter how expensive your clothing is, if you wear wrinkled clothes you will look disheveled and appear as though you have put no effort into the way you look. It is always best to iron clothing after washing and storing in the wardrobe so that it is ready to be worn. This will make getting ready in the mornings much easier.


Don’t: Forget to invest in accessories  

Don’t underestimate the effect a few carefully selected accessories can have on an outfit. Jewelry is a powerful tool; it can look great it doesn’t have to be expensive. A smart-looking stainless-steel watch will add a sophisticated touch to any look. Meanwhile, some silver cufflinks can be a glamorous addition to a suit. Other necessary accessories could include a wool scarf and leather gloves, all of which will add the finishing touch to an outfit.

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