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5 Dangerous Routes for Truck Accidents in South Carolina



There’s a large volume of truck traffic on the roadways of Carolina. This contributed so much to the statistics of increased incidents and risks of accidents happening in the area. Some sections of these highways are known to have difficult terrains, aside from other factors that make it more hazardous for truck drivers to navigate them.

One of these factors that are said to contribute to the risks is the attitude of some trucking businesses. There are those who reportedly do not comply with safety standards. Some even force their drivers to work longer hours than is healthy.

Some Dangerous Routes In South Carolina

1. The US-378

The US-378 is known by truck drivers as a hazardous route that extends from Columbia to Myrtle Beach. It’s known for its many blind, steep, and narrow curves. Traffic congestion is a usual occurrence in this road stretch that has caused many fatal accidents.

Should you seek help on getting compensation because you or your loved one got involved in a truck accident, you have a skilled truck collision legal specialist in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A legal expert or your personal injury attorney can help you claim full compensation for personal and property damages that the accident may have caused.

2. The I-95

The major interstate highway 95 is one of the most dangerous routes in South Carolina due to its narrow and trafficked roads. Along with its many roadworks, it’s a known risky route that has claimed many lives over the years.

The need to meet population and economic demands prompted the State to implement construction, and maintenance works at I-95. These improvements include bridge and pavement maintenance and repair works. Road widening projects are also being implemented to accommodate the increasing population and road users.

These roadworks predominantly cause commercial truck accidents on I-95. Also reported causes are overspeeding, distracted driving, and driver’s lack of sleep. Along with the increasing volume of trucks and heavy vehicle traffic, these negative attributes contribute to the elevated risks of highway 95 accidents.

3. The SC-9

The highway is notorious for having a high accident rate. It passes through the northern region of South Carolina. The route is very congested, with several blind turns and crossroads. Its roads are very narrow, causing many car crashes and collisions. These routes are also regularly clogged with traffic from large commercial trucks.

The heavy truck traffic at SC 9 reportedly makes it hazardous for drivers of passenger vehicles while on the road because of the risk of colliding and crashing into them. The road’s design provides limited visibility. It makes most drivers find it difficult to see oncoming vehicles. Though road improvements are always made, congestion is still a reality for small cars.

4. The US-17

This route is notorious for having many accidents as it passes along the coastal areas of South Carolina. The long and twisting road has many blind curves and crossroads. There’s usually a heavy volume of traffic, which becomes especially noticeable during the peak tourist season.

Along the more rural stretch of Highway 17, there’s often a greater possibility of animals wandering onto the road. Because of this, vehicles may come to a halt suddenly or swerve to avoid collisions. All the more causing road accidents and mishaps.

5. The SC-28

The SC-28 route is claimed to be hazardous because of its steep hills, very sharp curves, and narrow lanes. It traverses through the western region of South Carolina. Moreover, heavy truck traffic frequently contributes to road congestion, particularly during high-volume travel hours.

In A Nutshell

Not all of these roads are that dangerous to cause fatal accidents all the time. But because of the challenges along these routes, most truck drivers try their best to avoid accidents.

Many routes may be similarly dangerous as the listed roadways in this content. Feel free to browse through some links to get better insights into truck driving, especially in these routes, and how to become a professional truck driver.

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