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Origin SC is Offering Free Housing Stability Counseling



Press Release

Origin SC is offering free housing stability counseling services. The counseling services are provided to help with housing instability issues that many households in South Carolina are facing. Origin SC’s Housing Stability Counseling Program (HSCP) provides free housing and financial counseling to homeowners and renters throughout South Carolina. Origin SC’s HSCP program is open to anyone who needs help, with a focus on serving those who are facing eviction or foreclosure. The goal is to prevent eviction, foreclosure, and homelessness while also promoting financial and housing stability. Services are provided by an assigned Housing and Urban Development (HUD) licensed housing counselor virtually, by phone, or in-person at our North Charleston office.

Origin SC created HSCP to provide services to South Carolinians facing housing instability, including eviction, foreclosure, and homelessness. The goal is to provide Applicants with tools, resources, and preventative solutions to promote long-term housing and financial stability. Once an applicant has completed an application, an Origin SC HUD-certified Housing Counselor will look over their credit report, bank statements, income, and expenses to assist in creating a budget and a plan for a specific financial situation. In some cases, depending on availability of funding, an applicant may be eligible for financial assistance with rent, utilities, mortgage payments, HOA dues and property taxes.

 “Origin SC counselors are here to help you, we are your advocates, and we are going to help guide you with counseling and education for budgeting and planning, and to be your biggest support team,” says Origin SC’s HUD licensed counselor, Latasha Francis. “If you feel your income or housing situation is not stable and you don’t know what to do, reach out to [Origin SC].” HSCP teaches skills that help consumers achieve housing and financial stability, with the hope of creating stable households and communities for today and for generations to come.

Anyone can apply for the program by visiting Origin SC’s website at or call 843-628-2301. Origin SC is located at 8084 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston and is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm, and Fridays from 8am to 4pm with some workshops and coaching provided evenings and weekends.

 About Origin SC

Since 1888, Origin SC has remained one of South Carolina’s leading nonprofit human service organizations in providing professional financial and housing counseling services. Origin has withstood the test of time and socio-economic changes by providing quality advocacy, counseling, and education to individuals and families in the Charleston Tri-County area, throughout South Carolina, and even nationwide for some services. Origin SC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, formally incorporated in 1955, and is licensed accredited, or partially funded by the following organizations and government agencies:

• NeighborWorks America (exemplary member)

• Trident United Way (TUW) (funded partner)

• Council on Accreditation (COA) (accredited since 2000)

• National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) since 1977

• Better Business Bureau (BBB)

• U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) since 2003

• South Carolina Secretary of State Non-Profit since 1955

• Candid formerly Guidestar

• South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (licensed since 2007)

• US DOJ for Bankruptcy Counseling (since 2007)

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