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Powell Roofing Announces CertainTeed’s New Shingle Rating Upgrade



Press Release

Powell Roofing is excited to announce that the leading manufacturer of roofing shingles, CertainTeed, has upgraded to a UL 2218 Class III Impact Rated shingle. Their new line of products have been both tested and certified to carry the Paving, Roofing & Industrial (PRI) Validation Program for Building Materials. Why is that important?

Powell Customers Might Be Eligible for New Insurance Breaks and Benefits

Not only does the new impact rating mean that CertainTeed has the most durable and impact-resistant shingle in the industry; it also means that many businesses and homeowners may be eligible for insurance breaks and benefits. Due to the additional security that the new CertainTeed shingle provides, it is not only a greener option; it will cut environmental waste and expand the lifespan of roofing shingles.

A Better Shingle at the Same Price Point

Powell is committed to providing the Summerville area with roofing expertise and quality products. CertainTeed’s new rating means that we can offer our customers a better shingle at the same price point, which is a significant advantage. The new impact-rating means that CertainTeed can stand up to the harsh winds, storms, and hurricane threats of South Carolina better than other shingle products.

The CertainTeed Name

The CertainTeed name has been an innovator in the construction industry, seeking to develop innovative and sustainable building materials and products since they opened their doors over 110 years ago. The company has been leading the charge for better, more recyclable and sustainable, and longer-lasting products in the United States and Canada since 1904.

Durable Products, Skill, Talent and Training, and Integrity

At Powell Roofing, we believe that you have to have three things to be a successful roofing contractor: durable and quality products; skill, talent and training; and integrity in all that you do. We are proud to be the leading roofing contractor in Summerville and pledge to continue to offer superior materials with an expert installation team for decades to come. We are honored to carry the CertainTeed certificate and all that it stands for.

Contact Powell today to schedule an estimate and start 2023 with the most durable and longest-lasting shingle in the industry today!

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