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Nicotine Pouches: What You Need To Know About This Oral Nicotine Product



Many nicotine replacement therapy products are rising in popularity, but nicotine pouches are becoming one of the strongest contenders in the US market. Research conducted on nicotine pouch sales trends in the US showed that overall sales of the products increased from 120 million units in 2019 to 808 million units by the first quarter of 2022. Products with three to six milligrams of nicotine concentration levels were the most popular during this period, but the researchers noted that the 8 milligrams variation was rapidly increasing in sales.

So, if you’re curious about nicotine pouches, here’s what you need to know about them:

What are nicotine pouches?

A nicotine pouch is a small bag that people can insert into their mouths for a nicotine fix. Unlike other nicotine products, people won’t have to smoke, swallow, chew, or apply the pouches to their skin. They simply have to insert it between their gum and lip for an hour to get their desired dose of nicotine. Most of all, this product does not contain any tobacco, making it a safer alternative to smoking.

What are the advantages of nicotine pouches compared to other nicotine products?

Lacks toxic products from tobacco

Burned tobacco smoke contains more than 60 carcinogens, which is why more people are looking for cigarette alternatives to their nicotine fix.

Unlike cigarettes, the ZYN pouches from Swedish Match North America only contain white powdered nicotine, food-grade additives, fillers, a stabilizer, pH adjusters, non-caloric sweeteners, and flavorings. Due to the lack of tobacco in these products, most ZYN users prefer the product because it is less harmful to their health than other tobacco products. Through this product, they can guiltlessly enjoy their nicotine fix.

Provides a powerful nicotine kick

Despite not containing any tobacco, these pouches can still deliver a good dose of nicotine.

Chewing tobacco can give you about 6 mg of nicotine on average, and the Rogue nicotine pouches available at Prilla can match that amount with its 6 mg version. It’s not surprising that the 6 mg pouches are the most popular among Americans because they can provide a similar experience without emitting tobacco, smoke or any bad odors. But if you’re trying to lower your nicotine usage, you can still satisfy your cravings with the 3 mg version.

Remains discreet as a product

These nicotine pouches’ lack of odor and smoke are significant advantages for consumers who want to enjoy their nicotine fix anytime and anywhere.

After all, plenty of people want to quit using cigarettes due to huge financial costs of smoking in South Carolina. Even people regularly exposed to secondhand smoke may have to set aside $114,542 for healthcare costs, which is why some people want to switch to smokeless products to protect their loved ones. Nicotine pouches make this easy because people simply have to leave the product between their upper lip and gum to get a dose of nicotine.

The safety of nicotine pouches

Given that nicotine pouches are relatively new in the US market, many consumers are concerned about their safety. A clinical study published at SpringerLink shows that nicotine absorption through these pouches is limited, compared to cigarettes which contribute to high peaks in blood plasma nicotine levels. The study states that the slower and lower levels of nicotine in the blood make it safer for people and can help significantly reduce one’s urge to smoke.

Nicotine pouches are now widely available in South Carolina. Through this product, people can get more options for a safer and more discreet alternative to cigarette smoking.

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