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Creamy, Homemade and Nostalgic: Arroz con Leche



Rice pudding, an amazing Hispanic dessert everyone loves. Easy to prepare, few ingredients needed, really cheap too, the perfect recipe for anyone with a sweet tooth in need of a delicious snack. Arroz con Leche is a traditional creamy sweet rice dish in Hispanic culture, often related to grannies and nostalgia.

Many recipes and variants are known as rice pudding, yet the feeling you get when eating it, it’s the same. This amazing dessert, whether it is served cold or warm, will give your taste buds a true culinary experience.

This simple recipe is so easy to prepare, you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry, and it will be done in no time.

Basic ingredients for Arroz con Leche

Most rice pudding recipes will require just 3 simple components: rice, milk, and sugar. As for the rest, there are different ways of taking your rice pudding to the next level as you can add many things to it. But among the most popular toppings and flavoring components, you can find:

  • Butter, usually added when cooking, to give the recipe a salty dash of flavor.
  • Raisins, to garnish the dish once served, and provide color.
  • Fresh fruit bits, like apples, to give this creamy dessert a crunchy texture too.
  • Cinnamon, to give its characteristic color and taste.

Try a gourmet version of this classic rice pudding

This recipe is often associated with a simple homemade meal, yet, because of its simplicity you can incorporate or serve the dish in other ways to give it more of a gourmet experience and presentation. Like:

  • Nuts, because of their flavor and texture.
  • Citruses peel, like lime or orange, to give it more aroma.
  • Liquor or brown sugar, to famblé on top and create a crust.

Other recipes

Besides being so easy to make, there are so many characteristics to this recipe, it is healthy and cheap. There’s no excuse for you not to go ahead and try to cook this delicious dish.

If you want to try more rice pudding recipes go to the following link

The perfect consistency for Arroz con Leche

There’s no accounting for taste, that’s why the perfect texture can change depending on the person who is trying it. Yet, rice pudding is often prepared to aim for a creamy consistency that isn’t too liquid or too thick. So, you can eat it warm or cold, and get a flavorful bite with the perfect combination of savors.

Now, you can enjoy this dessert at home, with this recipe that will make you want to grab more than one serving.


  • 1 cup of rice.
  • 4 cups of milk.
  • ½ cup of sugar.
  • Cinnamon, stick and powder.
  • Lime peel.


  1. Put the rice and milk in a pot.
  2. Add the lime peel, and cinnamon stick.
  3. Let this mix sit between 30-60 before cooking. This way the rice will get the aroma and flavors, making the result even more delicious.
  4. After this time, put the mixture at medium heat. Put a lid on until it starts boiling.
  5. Once it’s boiling, stir carefully and constantly.
  6. When rice is al dente, add the sugar. Keep stirring until milk starts to evaporate and sugar makes the mixture get thick.
  7. When the rice is fully cooked, turn off the heat, take out the cinnamon stick, and lime peel and let it sit for a few minutes while stirring with less intensity, so the milk fully evaporates, and the result is even creamier.
  8. It’s ready! It’s finally time to enjoy your rice pudding.

If you prefer to eat your Arroz con Leche cold, you can put it in your freezer for 20-30 minutes and enjoy it after that. You can also garnish it with cinnamon powder or any other of the already mentioned ingredients!

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