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Are $5 Deposits Fit for Online Gambling?



Investing only $5 in entertainment feels affordable yet too good to be true. But in terms of online casino gambling today, $5 is a completely legit size of deposit to enjoy a wide variety of online casino games. 

Some players would like to give it a try if only $5 or so is needed but are reluctant to start because they are not sure if this is not a scam and if a sum so small is actually fit for some entertaining play. 

The reality is that there are many online casinos with $5 minimum deposit and the number of such sites will only continue to increase because players find such sites very affordable, low-risk, and user-friendly. 

This post discusses several other reasons why $5 on a casino balance is totally fit for fun casino gambling. 

Many Casino Sites 

As it has already been mentioned above, players find low-dep sites very attractive, and give them preference if they have a choice between small-dep sites and higher-dep sites. Considering that today, online casinos face huge competition in most jurisdictions and the competition will continue to increase as the industry develops, more and more online casinos are likely to add low-dep options to lure new players in. 

As a result, already today there are many online gambling platforms that accept really small investments, and there will be more. So players interested in low-risk investments in their gambling should not worry that they run out of high-quality platforms for gambling. 

Easy To Start 

Investing only $5 is very affordable for the majority of people. Depositing – and even losing – only $5 is less stressful than losing a bigger sum, for sure. Even if the player has an unlucky day, they will be more willing to try again than if they lose more in their gambling. 

A $5 deposit feels like a very easy-to-start investment, and this works for both beginner-level and experienced players. Experienced players feel less stressed trying out a new site they don’t know if they only have to risk $5. Newbies feel less stressed, too, if their investment is that small.

Bonus Offers 

All online casino players love bonuses, and the good news is that some sites offer bonuses and promotions even to players that can deposit as little as $5. Of course, this is a promotional tool but if the casino is reliable and reputable, such a bonus is safe to claim. 

The majority of bonuses that are granted upon depositing $5 are Free Spins that can be used in a specific slot game or one of several games that the casino itself indicates. Sometimes – but this is a rare case – scratchcards and some other games are allowed for wagering the bonus. Certain sites offer Free Spins on a Wheel of Luck of some kind. 

Games Available for Real-Money Bets 

If the player takes a bonus on their $5 deposit they will be limited to a game or a certain list of games indicated by the casino for wagering through the bonus. If the player takes no bonus but makes real money bets from their initial deposit, they will have access to a healthy amount of games. 

The majority of online casino games are slots, and the majority of slots are available for real money play with $5 on the casino balance. As a rule, most slot games have minimum bets of $0.1 to $0.2, therefore $5 on the casino balance means from 50 to 25 bets. 

No Limit on Winnings 

Even if the deposit is only $5, the size of the winnings does not depend on the size of the deposit and casinos do not limit the player’s possibilities for winning bigger. The size of the win is usually X the bet, so smaller bets will bring smaller wins, but even a $1 bet can bring x500 win. 

Healthy Choice of Banking Options 

In contrast to other minimum deposit casinos like $1 or $3, investing $5 in an online casino is much easier because many online payment processing companies already process $5 transactions. Therefore, the casino customer will have a bigger choice of banking options for making a deposit and requesting a withdrawal. 

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