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Top 5 Reasons To Get A LED Business Neon Sign In 2022



Business advertising witnessed a drastic change with the introduction of custom business neon signs. Custom business neon signs allow business owners and entrepreneurs to create beautiful and eye-catching neon sign displays to represent and advertise their brands. 

Today, grocery stores, bars, clothing stores, restaurants, gyms, saloons, sports stores, and many other businesses use LED business neon signs to attract customers and boost sales. 

If you are a budding entrepreneur, store owner, or business person looking to take your brand to the next level, here are the top 5 reasons why LED business neon signs are the way to go:

1. Business Neon Signs Promote Brand Awareness 

Are you looking to get people more familiar with your brand? Then a business neon sign is the answer. It’s impossible not to look at a LED neon sign, especially at night thanks to its brightness and entertaining display. People will always want to read a neon sign and this can help publicize your brand. 

A business neon sign created from your brand’s name or tagline can be displayed at the entrance or roof of your shop so people know what your business is about. Regardless of what service you offer or what goods you sell, business neon signs can help put your brand on the map. The bright glow and catchy design of the neon sign will help with better brand recall and awareness.

2. Business Neon Signs Are Affordable 

Another reason to get neon signs for your business is the signs are affordable. Whether you want a ready-made business neon sign or you want one custom-made for your business, you can always get a business neon sign without breaking the bank. Other advertising options will have you spending way more than a business neon sign would. 

The best part about this is that business neon signs have a relatively cheap running cost. This is because the signs are made from low-energy LED bulbs that consume about six times less energy than your average bulb. As such, the business neon sign will not spike your electricity bills as many people would expect. This is why business owners use business neon signs.

3. Business Neon Signs Beautify Your Space

Asides from attracting customers and promoting brand awareness, business neon signs also have an aesthetic advantage. The unique design and bright cool glow of the LED neon signs make them a perfect decoration item for any business place. The lights can beautify your space and give your customers a soothing ambiance to enjoy. The shape and color of the neon signs would also make a snap-worthy background for customers’ pictures and videos. 

4. You Can Customize Your Business Neon Sign

The main reason neon signs are in trend for business advertising is that you can create a unique neon sign for your business. 

You can pay to have a neon sign created from your business logo, tagline, or motto. Whatever idea you have, a neon sign can be customized from it. So, you don’t have to use the same neon sign everyone is using. You can give your brand that extra touch of class and set it apart from others by hanging a business neon sign no one has ever seen. 

5. Business Neon Signs Make A Good Long-Term Investment 

Business neon signs can take your brand all the way because they are a long-term investment. The average LED business neon sign has a lifespan of about 50,000 working hours. When properly made and installed, your business neon sign can last over a decade. This is because of the method of construction of the neon sign.

The frame of the LED business neon sign is often made from complete PVC and acrylic backboard giving you a durable advertisement item that will stand the test of time. The best part is LED neon signs are here to stay so regardless of how long you use the neon sign for your business, it will always be in trend. 

Where Can You Get The Best Business Neon Signs?

Many shops and websites sell business neon signs but the most reliable and affordable website to get LED neon signs for your business is Echo Neon. Echo neon has been ranked the customer-favorite LED neon brand in America for 5 years running and they are the first LED neon brand in the U.S. 

They have a wide collection of attractive, trendy, and durable LED business neon signs to choose from. If you don’t want any of the neon signs in their collection, Echo Neon experts can help you create a custom LED business neon sign based on your design and requirements. 

Their ready-made and custom-made neon signs are safe, highly efficient, and handmade from high-grade materials to give you a clean and modern design. 

Are Business Neon Signs Toxic?

LED business neon signs are non-toxic because they are made from safe and eco-friendly materials. Also, the neon signs don’t contain any neon gas. Instead, the signs are lit using low-energy LED bulbs enclosed in plastic tubes for public safety. The business neon signs at Echo neon are kid-friendly and non-toxic so you have nothing to worry about. 

Purchase And Install A Neon Sign For Your Business Today!

Business neon signs have become the go-to for many entrepreneurs and business owners looking to promote their brands. The beauty and eye-catching display of business neon signs have been attracting customers for years and will continue to do so. 

Thanks to advanced construction and technological improvements, you can now build a custom neon sign for your business in less than a week. So, purchase a business neon sign today and watch your business skyrocket. 

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