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The importance of white rice consumption for the human body



Rice is considered one of the most important cereals in the human diet.

It is the source of one-fifth of the calories consumed in the world and, in countries such as Bangladesh, it can represent almost three-quarters of the population’s diet consumption.

Besides, white rice is the most consumed food not only in Asia and Latin America but all over the world. This husked rice is used for countless meals and is cooked in a lot of different styles.

Today we will talk about this important food whose properties and nutritional content have made it one of the main ingredients in global cuisine. Keep reading and find out what we have for you!

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What are the nutritional properties of white rice?

Among the cereals, white rice ranks highest in terms of energy intake in calories and proteins. White rice can be a sustenance food. Despite its low mineral content, it provides higher caloric content and more protein than wheat and corn.

As far as health benefits are concerned, white rice is considered very favorable to the human body due to its containing a large variety of nutrients and is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which are known for their pro-inflammatory properties.

Some studies have shown that white rice consumption lowers blood cholesterol levels, and this occurs with greater effect when rice is consumed with the bran layer.

Talking about white rice and its wide varieties 

The different types of white rice that exist can be classified into three main groups: short-grain rice, medium-grain rice, and long-grain rice. However, here we will classify these varieties in more detail and name some of them.

White or polished rice

This is obtained after husking and subsequent whitening and polishing of the rice grain. It is the most widely consumed variety. This category includes bomba or short-grain rice and medium-grain rice. Short-grain white rice opens up and absorbs the most broth, making it the tastiest. On the other hand, medium-grain white rice cooks very well and it’s looser than other kinds of rice.

Thai or Jasmine rice

It is a long and fine grain rice from Thailand. It is one of the most exquisite and aromatic kinds of rice, with a natural scent of jasmine.

Basmati rice

This variety is grown in India and Pakistan. It is considered one of the finest and most exquisite long-grain rice types in the world.

Five continents and thousands of rice-based meals 

In Asia, white rice is very popular, and many national dishes consist of rice cooked in many ways. We can find rice dishes such as Kimchi or Hoe-Deopbap in Korea; Chazuke and Sushi in Japan, and Holkien, Yangzhou, and Yin Yang fried rice styles in China.

In America, Peruvian Arroz Chaufa, Puertorican Arroz Junto, Hawaiian Loco Moco, and US Southern Red Beans and rice, Hoppin’ John or Rice and Gravy are very popular in their countries of origin. These last three dishes are representatives of Louisiana Cajun cuisine.

Also, in Europe, you can find some very tasty rice-based dishes such as Spanish Paella and Arroz con Leche, Italian Risotto, Scottish Kedgeree rice, French Teurgoule, Portuguese Arroz de tamboril, and Czech Rýžový nákyp.

Arroz con Leche is also very popular in Latin America since this recipe was originally brought by Spanish immigrants that settled in different countries and soon it became a tradition to eat it in this part of the world.

Finally, in Africa, you can find the Egyptian Rozz meʿammar, South African Geelrys, and Senegalese Thieboudienne. In Oceania, most typical dishes are based on fish and seafood; however, they used to eat rice as a side food.

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