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A staple ingredient in the Amalfi coast: orzo and its infinite uses



Italy is a dream, we all agree on that, don’t we? The landscapes, the language, the people and the amazing and worldwide famous dishes that know no boundaries when it comes to crossing borders. Italian gastronomy is truly delightful whatever you try.

Italian gastronomy follows every principle of the Mediterranean diet. What are those principles? THe basics are freshness and sustainability. This gastronomy aims at using local and fresh ingredients that make a conscious use of the soil and the resources of the planet. In every Italian dish you won’t only find flour and pasta, you’ll also find vegetables.

Among the great pasta options, you will also find more often than not, orzo. Delicious to eat, easy to find and make at home orzo has become a staple in this gastronomy in the past years. If you haven’t this is your sign to get a packet here and try the millions ideas we have ahead for you!

What is orzo?

Orzo is considered a pastina, that is, a small pasta. However, it looks like rice and it can be used in many preparations as a replacement. It is made of semolina wheat, which makes it lighter than other pastas and perfect to combine with vegetables to have in fresh and cold dishes.

As you can imagine, it is also highly versatile and cooking it couldn’t be any simpler. Just a saucepan with boiling water and salt, a few minutes and you’re done. Here’s a list of recipes you could try out to fall in love with this amazing ingredient.

Orzo salad

Few dishes are a better option for a hot summer day. Cook the orzo ahead and let it cool down for a few hours in your fridge. Take a bowl and toss your favorite vegetables in it. We recommend using tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, olives, your favorite cheese and a cup of orzo. For the dressing, you could use olive oil or lemon juice. Season with salt and black pepper.

If you’re making this your main dish, add some chickpeas to the salad. If you’re not a vegetarian, add some shredded chicken thighs.

Orzo stuffed zucchinis

This is a hot dish, but you won’t be missing your greens. Take as many zucchinis as people are joining the table and half them. Cook them in the oven for a few minutes and take out the center to use in the stuffing mix. Saute some onions, bell peppers of every color, the center of the zucchinis. Mix everything with the cooked orzo and season with salt, pepper and add a tablespoon of paprika. Stuff the zucchinis and top them with some of your favorite cheese. Take it to the oven for the cheese to melt and delight your people!

Lemon chicken and orzo soup

Inspired by the classic Greek soup, this is a dish that perfectly combines creamy and silky textures with a zesty touch. Cook the orzo in the risotto way, in your vegetable broth. Whisk some eggs and mix them with a cup of broth before taking them to the saucepan. This will do the trick. Stir until it reaches the texture you like. Then add the lemon juice and the previously boiled and shredded chicken. Season with kosher salt this time and black pepper. Stir in the orzo and top everything with some green onions.

Pesto orzo

Since orzo is a pasta, you could always go for the classic pasta dish and coat this ingredient with some sauce you like. Don’t miss the opportunity to try coating orzo with some homemade pesto sauce!

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