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How Has Blackjack Evolved Over the Last Ten Years?



Blackjack is the undisputed world champion of card games, played all over the world and more popular than poker. It has been a staple of casinos for more than a century and, when gambling moved online, it helped attract more players to the industry. Prior to internet gambling, blackjack came in various strains. But now, it has evolved into a sprawling category and 2023 could bring about even more new-fangled ways to enjoy the card game.

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Live Versions of Online Blackjack are Now Extremely Popular

Blackjack has evolved greatly throughout its history, but the last ten years have witnessed the most exciting developments. The rise of live streaming has introduced a whole host of new ways to enjoy the card game online, and players are spoilt for choice. Live blackjack gives players the chance to choose their favorite game based on looking at the dealer in the thumbnail or the hand stakes. Aside from that, the live scene has brought about new strains of the game that add slightly different twists to what players have usually come to expect.

For example, among lists of classic blackjack games, players can find new variants like Live 888 XTRA Blackjack, Live 888 Plus Blackjack, and Live Pearl Blackjack. These games follow the traditional rules of blackjack but also introduce new features like side bets. For players who are in search of new ways to play, they provide a great opportunity. However, it’s always a good idea to read the rules first to see how these games differ from the usual strains.

Aside from the plethora of live games online, virtual blackjack has also evolved massively over the last decade. This has brought about a rise in themed games that mirror the slots market. For example, science enthusiasts interested in quantum physics can play Quantum Blackjack Plus. Likewise, people who enjoy watching horse racing can play Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack, which is a version of the card game with equestrian elements. There are also retro-themed games that add twists to the standard format, such as 777 Blazing Blackjack.

Blackjack Came in Various Strains Even Before the Internet

Blackjack enjoyed a simple beginning where there was one clear way of playing in Europe. But as is often the case with card games, it morphed and changed in format as it spread around the world. This was especially the case when it came to the USA, as many people believe this is where it first earned the name it goes by today. That’s because some gambling houses would offer special returns on hands that consisted of a black ace and a black jack. It quickly became apparent that this rule wasn’t in the casino owners’ interest, but the name stuck.

Before internet blackjack blew up in popularity, different strains of the game emerged with slightly altered rulesets. The two most common main strains of the game are European and American, which have minor differences in what the dealer is allowed to do. One of the main things is that in the American version, the dealer gets dealt two cards before the action is played, one of which is turned face up. In the European game, dealers receive a face-up card first but only draw their second card after the players have acted upon their hands.

American blackjack is the more popular strain here in card-mad South Carolina, as well as the rest of the world. This is because it has slightly less of a house edge. When the dealer receives their cards, if the face-up card is an ace they then check to see if they have blackjack. If they do, the hand is over, and all players lose. In European blackjack, this only happens after the players have performed their actions. The difference is that players don’t waste any money on splitting or doubling down when a dealer has blackjack in American blackjack.

These versions paved the way for all the numerous variants that are now available online. The fact that players are open to new rulesets and ways of playing suggests that the game could evolve even more in the future. Indeed, 2023 could be a year of massive changes in the blackjack scene.

What to Expect in 2023

The progress in the blackjack industry over the last ten years has been astonishing, and it’s only set to endure in the future. As the online casino industry continues to balloon in size and new tech developments come thick and fast, blackjack’s evolution could speed up as well. That means that there could be some major developments to the game in 2023.

There will most certainly be new developments in the live blackjack scene, and this could come in the form of more themed offerings. Slots grew into the most popular casino category thanks to the variety on offer, and live blackjack developers may try to mirror that. It could mean that more slot franchises spill over into blackjack as well, as the familiarity aspect could be a big draw for players. For example, the Greek-themed Age of the Gods games have already branched out to roulette and could do the same for blackjack.

New technology could also have a big part to play in the blackjack market in 2023. Virtual and augmented reality have long been expected to have a huge impact on the online casino industry, and this could soon happen. That’s because Apple is expected to release its VR and AR hardware this year. When it does, it could mean that this new technology quickly enters the mainstream. At that point, blackjack could have new versions that incorporate the futuristic platforms.

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The evolution of blackjack has been incredible, and the way it adapts to changes in technology highlight how it will always be in the mainstream. The advances have been fast, and 2023 could bring about even more developments in this bustling market.

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