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Tarot Reading Free: Everything About Tarot Cards



The technical term for Tarot reading free is taromancy, which is a subdivision of cartomancy. It is made by using different types of Tarot cards. The main composition of the deck is 78 cards, 22 of which are the Major Arcana, 56 are the Minor ones. They are typically used to measure potential outcomes and assess the impact surrounding a person, an event, or both.

The Major Arcana in Free reading Tarot

The first 22 cards in the Tarot deck are called “Major Arcana” and are the main, most weighty and significant cards of the deck. In Tarot reading for free, they reflect the most important and vivid events, point to those moments, circumstances or manifestations that have or will be of decisive importance in the fortune-teller’s life. In addition, they reveal the deep background of events, showing their true causes and consequences.

These Arcana used in Tarot reading free speak to us through the plots, images and symbols depicted on the cards. In order to understand and correctly interpret the spread, it is necessary to know all the main meanings and interpretations of the cards:

  • their general meaning;
  • interpretation in work, business and career;
  • in layouts for health, love and relationships;
  • the value of cards in personality assessment.

It will also be useful to know the interpretation of the cards in the position of the the Year and the Day.

Free readings online: the Minor Arcana

There are 4 main groups of the Minor Arcana:

  1. The Wands, astrologically associated with the element of Fire. These cards usually symbolize the area related to obligations and responsibilities of a person, business and finances, work and career. They describe plans and ways of their implementation, obstacles in achieving goals, trends in general advancement of affairs and protection of interests.
  2. Cups are the second suit in the Tarot card deck, astrologically associated with the element of Water. In free reading Tarot they symbolize the sphere of human emotions, feelings and experiences. Being the symbols of love and happiness, the Cups describe generally favorable situations or, at least, speak of improving unfortunate circumstances.
  3. Pentacles – this suit in the Tarot card deck is astrologically associated with the element Earth. The cards symbolize the sphere related to money, earnings, property, social status, security and political influence of a person. The Pentacles describe situations and circumstances that include matters of material well-being, commercial interests, money and monetary spheres.
  4. Swords – the suit astrologically associated with the element of Air. In free readings online, the Swords represent the thinking side of life; the sphere of confrontations, overcoming obstacles, struggle, striving for leadership and victory.

Tips for making Tarot reading for free

There are several rules for making Tarot reading free:

  • Tell your story or problem in detail. It is made to isolate the influence of the past, understand the current circumstances and predict the most likely future.
  • Select Tarot layouts. This framework provides the foundation for a Tarot reading. In addition, each position of the Tarot cards in the spread has a specific meaning. When you read, you will use the placement or position of the cards in a certain theme.
  • Start with a three-card spread. Such a layout is ideal for finding answers to simple questions, for reorienting to simplicity, and for beginners who have just started reading.

Finally, all you have to do is to etermine the positions in advance, lay out your spread and use what you have learned about the meanings and combinations of the cards to tell the story!

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