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Best Side-Hustles for Women in 2023



2022 is almost over, and many people are already looking toward the new year, 2023. One area most people yearn to make substantial improvements in is their finances. Yes! Everyone, no matter what level they are on the economic ladder, is trying to expand and solidify their income streams. In 2023, the story isn’t going to be different.

Women, in particular, want more representation in the labor market and corporate workforce. Many would make significant career changes to achieve this aim, while others would find ways to diversify their income streams.

So as a woman who works a job, owns a small business, or offers a unique service, you may be thinking: how do I improve my income in the new year? This guide will show you the 5 best side hustles for women to earn passive income in 2023. Read along…

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Become a Cam Model

A cam model is simply short for a “camera” model. This implies one who models or performs special acts in front of a live recording camera or smartphone. It is a relatively new phenomenon that many women are exploring as a side career. Today, models, dancers, exotic entertainers, and adult film stars prefer to do solo live-streamed performances directly with their fans than any other medium.

This explains the rise of some best cam sites like OnlyFans, which gives these entertainers a chance to ply the trade on their terms and still make money. Many celebrities are already exploring this route to earn extra income. Some common examples include Trey Songz, Cardi B, and former adult film star Mia Khalifa.

Cardi B, in particular, earned over $8 million in just a few months of joining the platform. By all means, register a free account on OnlyFans, and you might tick for the many who are willing to pay for your services.


Blogging is almost as old as the internet and remains one of the oldest ways to earn money online. Surprisingly, this old craft is still as relevant and lucrative as it was 20+ years ago. Its success lies in the fact that content creators have continued to find ways to reinvent the craft. Today, blogging dominates as a top choice for information dissemination amongst newer outlets.

All that’s required to nail it as a blogger is to have a subject or niche that you are good at. Next, build a quality website and post quality content around your interest. That’s it. You only need to look for ways to promote your website and get visitors. You can earn a substantial income as a woman blogging about delicate matters like dating, relationships, or even personal finance. The choice is yours.

Life Coach

Who is a life coach? This individual offers expert advice and guidance services through any known media channels, from print media and traditional TV and radio to various online outlets. Recently, the internet is quickly taking shape as the medium of choice for many life coaching. For one, online platforms make it super easy to make more real-time content and work remotely.

So a lot of life coaches find platforms like YouTube and TikTok very useful, where they make on-demand podcasts for their followers and subscribers. That’s the revolution! As a lady, if you think you are well-versed in life issues like relationships, marriage, making career changes, etc., you should consider being a life coach.

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Online Tutor

Like the point above, you can take up online tutoring jobs in your spare time. Many online schools, education platforms, and even YouTube channels pay you to teach a subject. You can strike out independently even if you choose not to work for anyone. Start a tutorial series on YouTube, Vimeo, or even TikTok where you drop educational content on practically any course.

You can even use your platform to sell an eBook, audiobook, or any other digital educational product. There are simply many endless possibilities.

Flip Used Stuff Online

As a mom, your basement is probably filled with old, used stuff. You usually have a handful, from your kid’s old toys, clothes, sofa & coach to any random malfunctioning home equipment. A hoarding tendency may cause you to even hold onto these items for no justifiable cause. But unknown to you, you may just be sitting on a lucrative side hustle.

Sites like Etsy and Craigslist allow people to sell used items on their platforms. People have made total garage sales off these sites in hours! How impressive. Instead of discarding that old stuff, clean them up, and put up their images online, and you can get a pretty lump sum at the end of the day.

Build An Income With These Side Hustles

You’ve just learned the 5 best side hustles for women in 2023. Check them out, experiment, and see what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing from this post is that any lady can have a side hustle in addition to a regular 9-to-5 job. It takes dedication and discipline to make it work.

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