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Maintaining Ants-free Home and Garden Without Ant Spray In 2023



Alternative approaches are enough to maintain ants-free home. Paprika, cinnamon sticks, and chili peppers are unbearable to them. Coffee grounds are also excellent

Approaches Against Ants

You can as well maintain ants-free home by using electronic devices like the best EverPest repellers. You can use big household waste: sprays to eliminate ants. They aren’t necessary, apart from the contraindications they present due to the polluting effect of their chemical agents. Ants, throughout the year and in particular in the transitions of the season when they are more present, can be removed easily and at negligible costs using various alternative Approaches. A vast sample of opportunities is not to be wasted.

The premise is that the first prevention against the advance of ants, in general, is good domestic hygiene. Especially in the areas most at risk of the house, for example, the kitchen. Here it is important to have clean floors and corners, perhaps with correct and alternative dosages of water, vinegar, and lemon. Formidable ingredients for excellent kitchen hygiene in a sustainable key. And let’s move on to alternative Approaches, first remembering what ants are looking for when they arrive in such a massive way.

So here’s how to keep them away from the kitchen in a completely alternative way and without the need to resort to sprays and other chemical products that are not only harmful to health but also highly polluting:

  • To begin with, once you have checked the presence of little unwanted guests, thoroughly clean every corner, even the most hidden ones where there may be traces of sugar or bread crumbs.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

Alternative Approaches Against Ants

  • Close any cracks from which they come into the house. It is not difficult to identify them since the ants move in groups and long lines: just follow them in reverse to immediately identify the anthill. Once you identify their presence, just block their access with something that bothers them a lot: the pungent smell of chili pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and paprika can hinder their path.
  • Do you also know that washing the floor with a mixture of water, and lemon essential oil causes the rooms of the house a rather disgusting clean scent for ants? Use the same mixture outdoors as well.
  • Even dried and crumbled mint leaves at the entrance points to the house can prove to be a useful alternative treatment to keep them away.
  • And again, coffee is also great for fighting ants. You can choose whether to use the grains or the grounds, perfect especially if ants have invaded your garden. All you have to do is distribute the beans or the powder of the coffee grounds among the plants or in the corners of the kitchen.
  • Finally, bay leaf and oregano are also excellent: place a few spring shelves and see that the ants will not get close to your supplies.

Use Ultrasonic Repeller

This is another stress free method of maintaining an ant-free kitchen. It’s safe for both people and animals. You can read more about how to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

More Alternative Approaches Against Ants.

Other alternative approaches against ants can be:

  • The vinegar diluted in water and with the juice of half a lemon, in a bowl placed at the point where ants are most often seen arriving
  • Even salt can work: spread it where the ants arrive
  • Calcium carbonate and chalk: it is a alternative treatment that is very suitable for outdoor spaces, from balconies to terraces
  • Borax, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, even if it is a alternative treatment that we do not recommend as it has the effect of a powerful poison for ants
  • Talcum powder is certainly less aggressive and just put it along the paths frequented by ants
  • Cayenne pepper has the same ant-repelling power as other species, such as chili peppers, garlic, and cloves.

What Smells Do Ants Hate?

The alternative approaches we have seen, as an alternative to sprays and chemical products, have one thing in common: the smells that ants hate, and from which they stay away. This applies to essential oils ( neem and tea tree oil), vinegar, chili pepper, cinnamon, mint, garlic, and spices. If you then add the simple precaution of not leaving breadcrumbs on the ground, it will show you that maintaining an ant-free home is the best.

Coffee Grounds Against Ants

Coffee grounds are one of the simplest, most effective, and most alternative deterrents against ants.

Required Material

  • 2 coffee grounds

If you are invaded by small ants that all line up to threaten your kitchen and your terrace, in the meantime eliminate the crumbs or any residue of palatable food, then keep the coffee grounds, they will come in very handy!

  • Method

Sprinkle the coffee grounds in strategic places where ants usually enter, such as window frames and cracks in the walls, it will act as a repellent.

You will notice that after this operation the ants will prefer to move away.

Salt Up Against Ants

In this case, the alternative antidote must be spread along the path made by the ants.

Required Material

a cup of fine salt


Make a strip of fine salt on the door leading to the house in the garden to keep the ants from entering they won’t have the courage to cross your borderline.

Some superstitious grandmothers are also convinced that salt also drives away evil spirits.

How To Remove Ants From The Kitchen

At home, the space most attacked by ants is usually the kitchen, so to have an ants-free kitchen, visit All the more reason to always keep it clean and not to leave leftover food around, even on the table. Especially if it’s breadcrumbs. Ants look for food in the kitchen, through their very powerful olfactory trace, and this is why before alternative Approaches we need to act with the hygiene of the environments where we cook.

How To Eliminate Ants In The Garden

It’s not difficult to get rid of ants in the garden, but before doing so, ask yourself a question: is it appropriate? Ants perform the function of cleaning and protecting the garden: they eat aphids and scale insects and with this, they eliminate insects that are dangerous for the health of plants and fruits. If you decide to intervene, just plant mint, cloves, and garlic in your garden. Once again, the smells will keep the ants away.

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