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The Story of The South Carolina Native American Tribe Now Operating an N.C. Casino



Just north of the border between South Carolina and North Carolina, you’ll find Two Kings Casino. The popular casino is run by the South Carolinian tribe Catawba Nation who’ve had a long, tough journey towards opening their casino.

It was a long hard struggle before the Catawba Nation tribe from South Carolina could open a casino – and when they did, it had to be in the neighboring state. Today the tribe is running the popular Two Kings Casino in North Carolina. The casino is located just five minutes from the state line. The casino is experiencing extensive popularity, and the casino’s many visitors can look forward to a permanent and much larger location soon. The new casino is expected to have 5,000 games, four restaurants, a huge hotel, and 2,000 employees. 

It’s not only the Two Kings Casino that’s experiencing great popularity. All over the US, gambling is on the rise. Many states are legalizing different types of gambling such as online casinos and sports betting. These online gambling options have been generating great revenue from the beginning and have resulted in a wide range of casinos, where not only physical but also online casinos are gaining ground. The thing about online casinos is that they can be played from anywhere and offer every game that gamblers might need. You can find new casinos in the US with just one click and indulge in the world of gambling. In South Carolina, this is not possible, as the state is one of the most restricting states regarding gambling. Here only bingo, state lottery, and raffles are legal. But if you can’t find entertainment here in Charleston, you cross the border to North Carolina, you’ll be able to throw the dice at Two Kings Casino or any online gambling provider. 

A 15-year-long struggle ending with success

In 2005 the casino adventure first began. The Catawba Nation tribe was allowed to offer casino boat cruises in extraterritorial waters. The tribe wanted to open a land-based casino but they couldn’t get permission to do so for many years. They fought to be able to open a casino on tribal land in North Carolina. Through the years there was a lot of back and forth – in 2018 it was rejected once again. In 2020 the decision was reversed, and the 17 acres of land near Kings Mountain was finally put into trust. A year later a gaming compact is signed and the construction of the casino can begin. You can read the entire story of the tribe and their long journey toward opening a casino here.

South Carolina restrictions

There has been a lot of resistance in the process from several parties. One of them is the Cherokee Indians who had a Native American monopoly in North Casino with their two casinos in western North Carolina. They own some of the most Native popular in the entire country. This has resulted in them bringing on several lawsuits. Ultimately ended up losing. There’s a lot more to this story which is a story of great complexity. There have been plenty of supporters and just as many opposers. The end result is that the Two King Casino is a popular entertainment venue for gamblers from both South Carolina and North Carolina. It’ll be interesting to see how everything turns out when the Catawbas open the door to their new massive casino.

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