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5 Best Discord Gambling Bots



Discord not only allows you to use bots but also offers its own virtual gambling bots that you can connect to your channels or add to your servers. Therefore, the use of such bots is completely legal. It is a good game practice that allows you to learn the rules well, form your strategies and then win real money in real online casinos. And if you want to try your luck again in an ordinary but proven online casino, you can always use the list of legit online gambling sites and find the option that you like the most.

What is a discord gambling bot?

Gambling bots discord is nothing more than technical accounts that you can add and request and then customize to your liking. The desired bot can be easily found in the search, and each of them has its own rating. Once you’ve added and configured your bot, you can invite other users. It is very important that the bot is active, otherwise, you simply will not be able to perform the desired operations inside it. Setting up gambling Discord bots is a separate, somewhat technical topic that you will have to deal with. However, most of the ready-made commands and settings are already available on the Internet. All you have to do is copy and paste the commands.

Discord bots are actually extremely simple — they’re just RNG with minimal animation. This is the basis of most gambling games: baccarat, blackjack, poker, dice, roulette, and other popular games. However, the bot doesn’t accept any real money from players, which is great because bots are difficult to regulate externally or license. So, discord gambling is something you can do without losing money and only getting pleasure, excitement, and fun. 

5 best discord gambling bots 

When you’re looking for the best discord gambling bots, give preference to the ones with the highest ratings. There are leaderboards where you can check out the best bots.

You can add and invite any number of bots to the server. After that, you have to give them permissions (roles) so that they can issue commands in the channel. Each command is a separate function of the bot, specified in the form /keyword.

TOP-5 best gambling bots:

  1. GamblingBot #2028
  2. Rocket Gambling Bot (RGB)
  3. MEE6
  4. Night Lemur
  5. Gamble Bot

Now let’s take a look at the features of each of these bots.

Gambling Bot #2800 

GamblingBot #2028 is one of the best gambling bots for Discord. It is a universal bot that allows you to play the most favorite and popular games, such as blackjack, dice, or even slot machines.

This bot also allows you to earn real money. For example, you can get cash for regular login to the system, as well as for voting on the server. Due to this, as well as the presence of unique and specific options, Gambling Bot is installed on 100,000 servers now. 

Rocket Gambling Bot 

Rocket is a discord gambling bot where you can get into the leaderboard and compete for points and achievements there. Bets from players are also accepted, but instead of real money — virtual. However, virtual money in RGB can be used for internal purchases. Moreover, the bot can be connected to a deposit-based Australian casino, and play there with a minimum budget of $10. There’s even a multiplayer game: Connect Four.


MEE6 is the most complete of all the bots listed. It performs some tasks automatically. For example, it can send welcome messages, introduce the rules of the game or assign roles to users.

Night Lemur

Night Lemur is a real find for classic players, especially those who like night poker. Some games cannot be found in other bots. Casino entertainment is on full power here: Texas Hold’em, 7-card stud, and many other options. Users are advised to use separate economic bots for financial options. Under such conditions, Night Lemur is almost a real online casino.

Gamble Bot

Gamble Bot — is not inferior in popularity to analogs. Over 20,000 Discord servers have added it and users keep giving positive feedback. Gambling at Gamble Bot is free. Most often, users run slots here because this place offers variety and many useful features.


Add and configure bots in Discord and have a great time. Now only you decide when and under what conditions to play. Do not make compromises — go in search of a cool bot that allows you to spend the evening with the best emotions.

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