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Today, online casinos are finding humorous and entertaining themes for their games and casinos. You can find casino games based on literally any theme or even real life events. Music is a very common theme around which casino games are based, so there’s a good chance you can play games featuring your favorite artist or band. Most often, music-themed casino games are based on rock music or heavier metal, you’re sure to find one you like.

Metal and rock themed slots

There are many metal and rock themed slots on the market. We present a couple of the best metal/rock themed slots that are popular with players.

Jimi Hendrix

One of the best online casino games we recommend you try is the Jimi Hendrix based slot. This game is produced by Netent, one of the best slot developers in the industry, so you can only expect the best from this game.

Hendrix was, of course, a massively popular American rock artist, and he had a variety of huge hit singles that you can listen to on the slot’s soundtrack as you spin the reels and play. Netent really did Jimi Hendrix proud with this slot. When you download the game, you’ll see a cartoon of Jimi playing electric guitar.

Then when the game loads, you can see its well-crafted and aesthetically striking layout. The bonus features of this slot include a solo multiplier, a free spins tour, a crowd-pleasing bonus game where you can choose from multiple wins and legendary encores.

If you want to play this slot, visit Parhaatuudetkasinot. It’s a site that shows you all the best places to play!

Guns N’ Roses

This game is also produced by Netent and they have once again managed to produce a great slot, Guns N’ Roses is another fan favorite in the rock themed slots. This slot takes you to a Guns N’ Roses concert, where in the background you will see a huge stage and the lights, the band and the crowd.

The graphics are eye-catching and the experience is like being at a live band concert. The theme as well as the bonus features of the game make this game excellent, with bonuses including a bonus wheel, wild symbol, multipliers as well as other bonuses. If you’re a big fan of Guns N’ Roses, this game is guaranteed to take you along for the ride. After all, the band is one of the most legendary rock bands, and one of their biggest hit songs is the universally known Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Other music games

Not all music-themed games in casinos are built around a band or artist. They may just have a music theme. Examples of such games include:

  • Disco Danny
  • Music Room
  • Motörhead
  • DJ Wild

Best music in slot machines

Slots online can offer great music, even if they are not really music themed. Every slot game includes background music and sound effects, but some games have them in a particularly stunning way.

Slot games online offer a very varied selection. A single casino can have hundreds or even thousands of different slot games. These games offer a wide variety of musical worlds, with a musical world to suit every player’s taste. It’s worth trying out the casinos’ attractive games to find the right soundscape for you. Slot machines can be tried for free with play money or as a paid version for real money.

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