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What Appeals To You About Uwell Caliburn AK3?



Caliburn is a relatively well-known series of uwell, and many products have won awards, which indeed proves the strength of caliburn. Recently, various new products have been emerging, including uwell caliburn ak3, each product is full of its own unique charm. For example, Caliburn X is the first pod in this series that uses a screen, and with multi-function buttons, it is more convenient to operate.

Caliburn GK2 has precise airflow control, coupled with a punk-style design and dazzling lights, it is definitely a fashionable item when you take it out. And how will today’s caliburn ak3 show its charm?

What design features does it have?

AK3 Pod Kit still continues the design style of the previous ak series, adopting a square design, which is more convenient to hold in the hand or put in the pocket. In addition to being more convenient, there is also a special design on the side of the device, which uses light animation and is presented in the form of CALIBURN.

It flickers every time you inhale, making it instantly attractive. Of course, it can also help you check the battery status, and the green, blue, and red colors will indicate how much power you have.

What is the performance like?

Since this is a small pod kit, it provides you with a small capacity 520mAh built-in battery. Of course, you can quickly charge through type-c fast charging, and you can start using it again within ten minutes, and the frequency of use can also increase.

What are compatible devices?

The biggest similarity between uwell caliburn ak and caliburn a3 is that they can share one pod. If you own both products, you don’t need to sell additional pods, which saves time and worry. The 2ml vape juice allows you to refill it, and you can fill it when you uncover it. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to worry about leakage.

The prefabricated 1.0ohm coil can volatilize the e-liquid more comprehensively, and you can also easily achieve MTL vaping. The AK3 Pod is transparent, so you can clearly see the position of the e-liquid so that you can replenish it in time.


520mAh Integrated Battery

Light Animation

PCTG And Aluminum Alloy Materials

15-minutes Fast Charge


Visual E-liquid Window

Top Filling System

Pro-FOCS Flavor

Adjustment Technology

From 2015 to 2022, Uwell has seven years of experience in producing and manufacturing e-cigarettes. It can be said to be a very trustworthy big brand. I think its popularity and its reputation in the market are enough for you to choose without hesitation, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, caliburn ak3 must be practical enough for you.

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