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Is Card Counting Possible In Online Blackjack?



It is not so challenging to win online Blackjack. If you have played Blackjack on the Internet casinos before, then you must be familiar with the concept of “Blackjack card counting”. Although there are many ways to win the hand in Blackjack, card counting is the most mysterious and successful winning strategy that many professionals love to use. Card counting is usually used in land-based casinos. What is card counting, you ask? Let us explain.

What is the blackjack card count? 

Before we begin, you need to understand the basic concept of card count. Card counting, in simple words, is a strategy used in Blackjack by players to keep the tally of the cards running. It helps to keep track of all the cards that have been already used in the table as the dealer progresses through. By using card counting, players can guess which card is likely to come up next. It is a key strategy used in Blackjack and also in other tablet-based casino games. However, card counting can be considered an unfair game based on where you use it.

Card counting strategies:

Blackjack card count is simply just a matter of using different mathematical approaches to predict the probability of the cards in the deck. The Hi-Lo system is the most common card-counting strategy. Here, you assign one of the three different “scores” to every number on the table. Cards from 2 to 6 are assigned a +1, 7-9 is 0, and 10 through Ace are worth -1. Players can add the numbers together as the dealer progresses through the cards. This way, they can predict the probability of the card that may come up next, and by doing so, they can decide whether they should put in more bets or not. The probability goes higher as the game goes on.

Where is card counting applicable in Blackjack? 

The best use of Blackjack card count is in live casinos or land-based casinos. In live casinos, you can predict the number of cards that are yet to be distributed to some extent. Since you can see when the cards are reset, you can start counting from there. It’s best to keep track of all the cards in a notebook, so you don’t forget.

However, it’s very difficult to use card-counting strategies in online casinos. Online Blackjack is completely computer-based, where you don’t see any shoe or dealer. Usually, cards are generated randomly after every round using the random generator (RNG) software. Due to that, there is no shuffle order as well as no cut card. So even if you use card counting, chances are you have to throw everything and start all over again after each round. Unfortunately, card counting in online Blackjack does not bring any benefits whatsoever.

Other than this, Online Blackjack offers the same features and excitement of playing as the live casinos.

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