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Most Popular Theaters’ Profiles on Instagram: How they attract comments



The theater is a classic art that has been attracting people since time immemorial. Being created in Ancient Greece, it is still popular in the 21st century. But the times have changed, and so have the ways of promotion, and Instagram appears to be one of those places.

Many theaters’ accounts gain lots of likes, views, and, most importantly, IG comments every day. Why are they important? Because they are an indicator that people are really interested in the content and can provide valuable feedback. In this post, you will find the top profiles along with the key to their success.

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Why do theaters even use Instagram?

It’s simple, and they want to be seen and heard. With over a billion users, Insta is a perfect tool that helps everyone literally to reach new audiences. And for theaters, IG can be especially beneficial in helping them connect with potential ticket buyers.

Most popular theaters have a strong presence on Instagram, using the platform for further things: 

  • to share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, 
  • promote upcoming shows, 
  • and give fans a peek into the day-to-day workings of a theater company. 

But what really sets popular theaters apart is their ability to attract comments for IG.

Top 5 most popular Theaters on Instagram and how they attract comments

Look at these top 5 theaters that have managed to win the battle with the almighty Instagram algorithm and got many IG replies! You will definitely learn something new for your own account.

Almeida Theatre

Almeida is a small theater located in London, UK. However, it has gained international fame during its more than 40 years of operation. Such stars as Andrew Scott, Ben Wishaw, Ralph Fiennes, and Matt Smith have played on the stage, a fact that also contributed to theater success.

If you visit their profile, you’ll definitely see that each of their posts has many Instagram comments, and it is explained by the way the account manager runs it:

  1. they use hashtags for most of their posts, attracting a larger audience; 
  2. they share behind-the-scenes moments that are indeed interesting for their fans.

Bush Theatre

This London-based theater is also quite popular among theater lovers. The Bush team is mostly focused on new plays by modern writers and loves to promote young and talented actors. They also invite actors from all over the world.

When you see their Instagram profile, the first thing you notice is that they post lots of reviews about their plays. These reviews come from renowned magazines and critics. This is a good trick to attract many IG comments from their audience, which also wants to share their opinions and successfully employ them.


Orange Tree Theatre

This small 180-seat theater has gained both online and offline fame. Maybe it’s an amazing building believed to be designed by Arthur Blomfield or an exquisite repertory. Anyway, this multiple awards nominee has many comments out there on IG. What is the secret of such acclaim?

The reason for Orange Tree’s popularity is that they really have something to offer to their followers. They post many: 

  • videos, 
  • snippets, 
  • interviews, 
  • and amazing backstage photos. 

And they also have an important troop member, a dog named Koby, that definitely attracts part of those comments for Instagram!

Mayflower Theater

NST is an impressively large theater located in a historically valuable London building. Rumor has it that there is a ghost of an older man roaming at night. This theater is indeed full of mysteries and secrets. And it also can boost a massive amount of IG replies and an active online presence.

You look into the comments under their amazing colorful posts, and you will see many kind words from their visitors and fans. So maybe the secret of success is just doing what you love and telling your IG audience about it.

The Old Vic

Our last participant is a non-profit theater also located in London. What amazes us the most is that they have more than 120,00 supporters on IG. But if you look closer at their profile, you will see why they gain such considerable online popularity and an impressive number of Instagram comments.

Videos with beloved English actors, beautiful stage shots, daily routine pics, and engaging announcements – this account has really got something to offer! And with such a variety of content come lots of comments!

How to attract more IG comments to your profile?

You may not be an actor or theater owner. No matter who you are, a blogger, a businessman, or a teacher, we all want this piece of engagement. Keep reading to learn how to increase the number of Instagram replies under your posts.

Post videos

First thing first, IG is really into videos these days, and it means that it will promote them more actively than your photos (even if they are so amazing!). So if you want to attract many comments on Instagram, you will need to make at least a couple of videos per week.

We will share a small secret with you on how to collect many impressions if you have a personal blog. Share photos and funny clips of your cute pet! People love these nice small kittens and puppies. However, it won’t help you if you have a business account.

But making and posting videos is not enough. Make sure that the quality of each vid is top-notch and used some editing tools. Luckily, there are many of them on the Web.

Work on quality

If you have lots of IG comments on any post you make, you really need to work hard. Whether it is: a photo, a video, or a carousel, it would help if you made sure that each piece is top-notch. People will never pay attention to something bland or mediocre.

The Internet is full of content, and bloggers are literally fighting for comments on Instagram. Only those who make quality stuff will win this battle.

Write meaningful posts

The best way to get more IG comments is to spark a conversation. At the same time, a photo or video can barely become a subject of heated discussion, but a really good post can. Do you follow bloggers who are great at storytelling? All of us do!  

Tell the audience your story. It can be anything:

  • things from the past,
  • your childhood stories,
  • tips & advice,
  • take an interview with your guest,
  • or philosophical reflections.

Just be sincere and proofread your writing.

Final Thoughts

Most popular theaters’ profiles usually have a lot of comments on Instagram because they are interactive and attract their audience’s attention. The result is that their posts receive a lot of IG replies – sometimes hundreds or even thousands.

This high level of engagement keeps people coming back for more, which is one of the reasons these theaters have such large followings. If you want to increase the number of comments on your own Instagram profile, consider following these theaters’ leads and making your posts more interactive.

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