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Scoop 50Fifty Serving Up Super Deluxe Ice Cream



Cane Bay Parlor Offering a Fun & Modern Experience on a Favorite Cold Dessert

Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

‘You scream, I scream. We all scream for ice cream.‘ Let’s face it ice cream is a cold and decadent sweet treat that comes under two categories. Ice cream is often a guilty pleasure and for many an everyday comfort food. Young or old, we never tire of eating ice cream.

While chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry for years have been the standard bearers when it comes to flavors, for decades ice cream manufacturers have long experimented with ingredients to create concoctions meant to tempt ice cream lovers. More than 75 years ago a well-known franchise began offering 31 flavors, thereby providing patrons a different flavor every day of the month. Truth be known, since 1945 that same brand has run through over 1000 different flavors.

Simply stated, there is no limit when it comes to ice cream flavors and our continual desire to consume America’s number one dessert. With all that in mind there are a few really extraordinary ice cream purveyors scattered throughout greater Charleston including a splendid one on King Street.

However, if you’re not in downtown Charleston and you find yourself in Summerville, more decisively in the Cane Bay area than you’ll want to drop in Scoop 50Fifty or what is best described as a premium ice cream parlor with a laid-back feel. As the name might indicate Scoop 50Fifty offers up 50 flavors of ice cream (48 scoops & 2 soft serve) every day.

Let me throw this in right away, all 50 are meant to tantalize the taste buds and the 10 I sampled are freakin’ amazing! I would have tried all 50 but even decadence has a limit. Regardless, being a lifelong ice cream fan, I will no doubt get to the other 40 over time.

I already know what you’re thinking. Why do they have 50Fifty in their title? Are they double dipping (pun intended), or just trying to doubly instill the whole 50 flavors concept? Only partially. The real reason for the 50 double double is they also offer up 50 (yes 50) different toppings. I know that’s out of this world crazy!

Just imagine 50 toppings to decorate 50 different flavors. The ice cream combinations are endless. Who knows you just might end up creating a combination never sampled before. Things that make you go Hmmm!

Let’s start with the ice cream. Scoop 50Fifty doesn’t have a creamery behind the scenes. They aren’t sweet treat elves making cold and creamy desserts after hours for your enjoyment although the team would happily do so if they could. Scoop 50Fifty purchase their cornucopia of flavors from a deluxe private label creamery out of Wisconsin.

Here’s the true kicker. It’s created with 16 percent butterfat which might not be a favorable to those watching calories, but for those who crave great tasting ice cream with velvety texture Scoop 50Fifty will not disappoint. By comparison most name brands including chains serve up ice cream with about 10 percent butterfat. Experts agree the higher the butterfat the creamier the ice cream.

Enough already about the superior quality of their ice cream, what about the flavors. The Cane Bay Roundabout pays tribute to their surroundings and is a peanut butter flavored ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels and brownie chunks. Superb! The Nexton Ripple Park will make you fall in love again with raspberry. Their award-winning Salty Karen is a smooth sea salt fudge flavored ice cream packed with cashews. You had me at sea salt!

Dark chocolate lovers will go crazy for the Zanzibar Choco, blended together with three types of cocoa surrounded by moist fudge brownies. A heavenly chocolate overdose. On the flip side coffee purists will find it hard to turn down a scoop of Mean Bean aka bourbon spiked espresso chock full of chocolate chunks. Hints of bourbon, espresso, and chocolate. It’s an ice cream triple threat.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the Munchie Madness which is pretty much a birthday party and candy store explosion of ice cream in your mouth. Silky sweet cake batter ice cream swirling with salted caramel ripple teeming with a medley of M&M’s, peanut butter cups, and Oreos. Damn straight it’s overly indulgent, but you have to feed your sweet tooth and hell yeah, you’re worth it.

How can I describe the Burnt Butterscotch ice cream? Imagine an ice cream version of Werther’s Butterscotch candy. Smooth, luscious, and extremely velvety. That’s the difference you get when you start with 16 percent butter fat.

Want something that will keep you guessing, try the Blue Moon. A light teal colored shimmery cold treat some say taste like an exotic vanilla, while others suggest it has an orange creme-sicle flavor. Let’s call it a mystery scoop. Kids will love it, especially when you top it with a rainbow of colors from the candy bins. Sprinkles anyone?

You can drop by Scoop 50Fifty and go old school by simply enjoying a soft serve ice cream cone. Feeling a bit more adventurous than create your own sundae, milk shake, or banana split. But if you’re ready for pre-ice cream brain freeze, marvel at the 48 taste sensations set before you. Of course, they’ll let you sample, how else will they tickle your taste buds.

With so many premium ice cream flavors to choose from, finding the right one on any particular day is often daunting. However, if you opt for an ice cream flight (a no-brainer) you can enjoy four individual scoop flavors for $1049. There’s the Double Chocolate, Sunday Funnies (Blue Moon w/ marshmallows) or the colorful Super Man, the pop in your mouth Razzle Dazzle, and sure to be a southern fan favorite Key Lime Pie. Maybe enjoy Christmas in the summer with the Peppermint Stick.

With more than four dozen selections and just as many toppings the flavor combinations are endless. Vegans even have several options including the Passion Fruit, Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice and Rainbow Sherbet. (Bazinga). Harry Potter fans hop on a magic carpet or your favorite broom stick and fly in for the Butter Beer! It’s apparently spellbindingly delicious!

With 50 flavors and endless possibilities, true ice cream connoisseurs may want to stop in a couple times a week, or at least once weekly and easily notch 50 flavors in a calendar year. I’m going on a limb here and predict locals will fall in love with their Pluff Mudd and Southern Peach. The Bourbon Pecan Pie may not give you a buzz, but if you’re a fan of distilled spirits, it will linger on the palate. Get your fav in a cup or if you want to further enhance the experience in their unique house-made waffle cones including strawberry, blueberry, peppermint, and espresso.  Ideal for two or three scoops. Like they say, ‘go big or go home’!

Ready for something extra mind boggling. The whole Scoop 50Fifty came to fruition from the ice cream loving minds of Gary Campbell and Josh Pitts, co-owners of GCJP Trucking. After spending a decade in the beverage industry, Gary and Josh decided to start their trucking business in the spring of 2020 just as the pandemic was about to unfold. Whether destiny or divine intervention the partners quickly grew their trucking company from two trucks to nine.

Oddly enough it was Josh’ dream to own and operate his own ice cream shop, and with Gary on board they decided to take the leap of faith one more time. With their respective wives Chelsay and Jocelyn lending support the couples threw open the doors to Scoop 50Fifty in July of 2022 and the initial response has been overwhelming with lines out the door on numerous occasions.

Let me blow your mind one more time. Scoop 50Fifty showcase 50 flavors but truth be known they have close to 150 flavors to offer up, with the selections set to change as often as the seasons. But don’t worry they will make their best sellers available year-round.  They have all your favorites and some you never imagined before. Like the current selections the owners will let the community help choose some of the names. Talk about being neighborly.

Now you have the full scoop (or 50 scoops) on Scoop 50Fifty. They are a super deluxe ice cream parlor providing a fun and modern experience. Want to have them at your next party, social, or event. They offer catering with a mobile trailer. Ice cream is what they serve up, but happiness and smiles are what they deliver. One or more of the owners are in the shop every day.

Yes, Scoop 50Fifty is located in Cane Bay, but just where exactly?  If your GPS is up to date then you’ll find them at 205b S Cross Creek Dr, Summerville directly across from Cane Bay High School in a strip center next to the Blue Water convenience store which is precisely at the intersection of State Rd (176) and North Creek Drive.

Follow Scoop 50Fifty on Facebook at and their website under construction at


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