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‘Good Listen’ is a Good Read



Joe Pardavila Offers Advice on Improving Everyday Listening Skills

By: Jeff Walker, Book Review

In the 21st century if would be easy to assume we are ‘turned on but tuned out’. In the digital and viral age, we are often overly connected yet inadequately disconnected. Too many of us communicate solely through social media, instant messaging, text, and email.

Personal recognition is lacking in many societal situations. In his first ever book ‘Good Listen’, veteran talk radio and podcast producer Joe Pardavila simply assigns it cost nothing to pay attention, adding talk is a priceless commodity. While being a good listener doesn’t necessarily come at a cost, Pardavila does suggest it takes three magic words, which he’s labeled PCM aka preparation, concentration, and moderation’.

In 139 easily readable pages Pardavila provides a clear-cut blueprint for becoming a good listener. Sadly, only a small percentage of the population are good listeners. For the rest of the more than 90 percent we have to apply ourselves in order to comprehend each and every conversation we take part in.

Having spent the better part of 25 years at WPLJ in New York City and accumulating over 10K hours as a talk radio producer Pardavila not only talks the talk (pun included), but he also walks the walk. During his time in the studio from 1994-2019 he helped facilitate on air conversations for the highly rated ‘Scott & Todd in The Morning’ show starring radio veterans Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill. Together the trio would have candid conversations with celebrities, newsmakers, and everyday people.

In his book Pardavila admits the art of a good conversation is an equally good listen. He suggests participants engage and solicit good conversation by being interested, taking a positive high road, finding common ground, and most importantly staying focused. Shared conversation ‘talking and listening’ is at best a balancing act.

‘Good Listen’ is a practical ‘dos and don’ts’ book with Pardavila spending much of the text centered on his burgeoning career and how he too had to learn to listen. He credits his former bosses (Scott & Todd) as well as Howard Stern and David Letterman for enlightening his path. However, Pardavila declares even his past mentors had to discover for themselves how to listen, or in other words when to shut up.

Pardavila further adds that Oprah Winfrey was without question born to listen, becoming one of the first true TV talk show hosts to empathize with her guests and the audience. Winfrey’s innate ability to connect with her followers came by being an excellent listener.

Having shared conversation and studio time with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Russell Crowe, John Mayer, and Taylor Swift, Pardivila accepts the most heartfelt and honest conversations he witnessed during his tenure at WPLJ was on September 11, 2001. The teams normal four-hour shift morphed into a 14-hour marathon with the radio personnel becoming a sounding board for millions of followers in the metro New York City area.

Being the on-air producer for a popular early morning talk radio show in New York City was no doubt a sweet gig. However, Pardavila admits he didn’t leave talk radio, the format left him and countless others with the evolution of satellite radio, and the emergence of podcasts.

Currently a director and podcast host with Forbes Books and Advantage Media Group based out of Charleston SC, Pardavila practices what he preaches in ‘Good Listen’, using his past experience to help professionals and entrepreneurs become expert listeners and share their particular expertise. The subtitle to ‘Good Listen’ summarizes Joe Pardavila’s content best ‘Creating Memorable Conversations in Business and Life’.

Strong communication skills are beneficial in the board room, on the playing field, the classroom, at the water cooler, and around the dinner table. ‘Good Listen’ is an easy and informative read, shedding light on various conversational situations simply requiring full attention with Pardavila providing tips and tricks of the trade to help keep the conversation moving along.

‘Good Listen’ is a useful tool no matter what circumstances are. The book is ripe with clever anecdotes, mild humor, back stories, and a wealth of information meant to educate readers on how to improve listening skills. ‘Good Listen’ is available through several online bookstores as well as Target.

For more on Advantage Media Group visit or Forbes Books at For more on Joe Pardavila visit his Podchaser website at



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