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INTERVIEW: Stephen Marley Chats with Holy City Sinner Ahead of Concert at Firefly Distillery



After his initial concert was postponed due to inclement weather, eight-time Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and producer Stephen Marley will now perform at Firefly Distillery on Thursday, July 28th at 7 pm. The show is part of Marley’s Babylon Bus Tour and he’ll be joined by special guest Kabaka Pyramid. 

Marley was kind enough to briefly chat with Holy City Sinner ahead of the rescheduled performance. You can read the interview below:

Holy City Sinner: Your original show in Charleston was postponed the day of due to weather, so were you able to explore the city at all?

Marley: Unfortunately not this time around. If I have any time off, I usually try to rest up and restore my energy for the next show.

How has this summer tour been going? How does it feel to be touring more regularly again?

High vibrations all around. It is nice to connect with people again.

Are you noticing any differences in crowds after the pandemic?

Reggae is uplifting, its lyrics and melodies. It gives us hope in times of despair. Now that we have collectively gone through hard times together, the messages feel much needed and hit in a very impactful and energizing way.

You’ve accomplished so much in your career, is there anything specific you’d still like to accomplish? Whether it’s an award, a milestone, or a particular venue you’ve always wanted to perform at and haven’t yet?

I have been so blessed to make music, travel the world and receive accolades throughout it all, but there is no specific award or venue I need in my career. I do want to provide more milestones for families that are less fortunate, spread more awareness about cannabis, and nurture my own children and grandchildren’s needs.

In addition to playing your own music, you often cover your dad or your brothers’ songs, is it important to you to incorporate your family into your live shows?

Yes, it’s a team effort. Daddy used to bring us on stage at a young age. It was transformative in so many ways, so we pay it forward to our families.

You’re always working on music, what do you have on the horizon that you’re excited about? – Whether it’s solo music or something your producing

I do have a new album in the works for 2023. I also recently produced Celebrating Nina Simone: A Reggae Tribute, a project covering her work by some of reggae’s leading ladies including my sister Cedella Marley, Etana and Queen Ifrica. I wanted to pay homage to this icon in a way that resonated with the reggae world. She was such a revolutionary figure. You could feel the pain and conviction in her voice. Her music carries such heavy emotion that hits on a spiritual level, similar to the power of reggae.

Ticket to Marley’s show at Firefly Distillery are still available and can be purchased here.

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