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5 Necessary Social Media Marketing Tools



The most important thing for modern marketers is understanding social media’s essence in their field. Without social media, your business will not grow as much as you expect. We are running in an era that is dealing with the technological revolution, and social media is a gift. 

Almost all internet users are using social media, and marketers need to have a concise plan for implementing social media marketing. It is crucial for you, as a marketer, to understand which social media is best for you, and then you can consider the tools related to it. 

Well, we cannot ignore the giant spread of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. So it’s better to find social media tools that can perform better on all of these platforms. If you skip Facebook, you skip the vast popularity, and if you skip Instagram, you will skip the young generation for sure. You can also check out marketing swag ideas for more tips in marketing.

Necessary Social Media Marketing Tools

We are going to consider the best tools of social media that can enhance your visibility and profitability and also can enhance the significance of a managed marketing process. 

Let’s check the tools one by one, and then you can decide what is best for you. Once you read our article, you can then go for proxy-rarbg to download the free resources of these tools.

1. Buzzsumo

This is for the data-driven analysis of the social media market. Most marketers think that data-driven marketing can help them to understand the tendency of the market and thus can help them to enhance their media strategies better.

BuzzSumo is a perfect social media marketing tool for you to understand which post is shared most of the time, and there is a chance that you can find social media influencers who are available for collaborations.

So, it can research the whole market to help you with better content-creating ideas. 

2. Missinglettr

Missinglettr is probably the most useful tool for marketers. Almost 94% of bloggers share their articles through social media and gain the attention of the audience. It is not possible for you to follow all of those and be trendy all the time. 

Here comes Missinglettr, a social media automation tool, to help you with the scanning process of newly deleted blogs. Its free version will help you to review and upload up to 50 ready-made blogs per year to enhance your marketing efficiency. 

3. Biteable

When you are marketing on social media, you need to depend on creative videos. A survey suggests that video contents are able to engage people two times better than image content. There is a chance for marketers to create exciting bite-size videos with Biteable and engage the audience more and more.

Biteable has enormous free version opportunities with various templates and background music but with a watermark. Only with the premium pack can you remove the watermark and use 1080p contents. 

4. Keyhole

This is a monitoring tool to understand brand discussions on social media. Famous companies like Starbucks are using social media monitoring tools to enhance their relationships with consumers. 

Keyhole will deliver you a sentiment analysis though you will be able to understand the problems of the consumers and thus solve them quickly. 

If the customers get happy service from your monitoring end, they might share the stories with their friends, and that will ultimately increase the positive visibility of your brand. 


Task automation is what the marketer is looking for so far in this busy, scheduled life. It is very important for them to save time and manage work properly. Well, IFTTT is here for you to manage your tasks automatically. 

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a useful tool to manage all your social media accounts at the same time. It has the ability to do one of your specific actions on 166 different platforms. Isn’t that interesting! 

To Conclude 

Social media is the new marketing process to excel your marketing abilities, and that can be managed properly by the marketers with the usage of the above-mentioned tools. These tools are exceptional to provide your adequate services one after another.

Now it’s time for you to decide the best options for you. However, all of these work for different purposes, and thus it will be better for you to consider all those to experience the best social media marketing benefits.

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