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Coach’s Canteen Serving Up Comfort Food with Side of Wholesomeness



Point Hope Commons Eatery Off Clements Ferry Is an Old School Family Affair

By: Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

Open a little less than four months regulars to Coach’s Canteen share the same sentiment, ‘this place feels like home’. Owned and operated by husband-and-wife Kevin and Krista Mingo the old school eatery in the Point Hope Commons community off Clements Ferry Road is nothing short of a family affair, with three of the couples six boys over age 16 working part-time alongside mom and dad.

Faith, family, patriotism, and ‘freakin awesome food’ are all on the menu at Coach’s Canteen. With seven kids total the former Milford Connecticut couple decided to relocate eight years ago to embrace a more relaxed lifestyle. After nearly a quarter century in law enforcement Kevin retired from the force, and with Krista a licensed RN the twosome knew they’d have no problem acclimating to new surroundings and finding gainful employment in the low country of South Carolina.

The Mingo’s had no issues finding applicable work, with Kevin soon revisiting his passion for shaping young men through high school athletics, becoming the assistant and running backs coach at the all-new Philip Simmons High School. Fast forward to 2022 and Kevin and Krista knew they wanted to continue promoting family values and community spirit, finding the answer in opening a small eatery that reflected everything they cherish so dear, while creating a place where kids of all ages could congregate and enjoy favorite American comfort foods.

Spend a few minutes inside their quaint establishment and you’re taken back in time with checkerboard floor tiles, yesteryear table & chairs, and wrap around counters. The placards and the background music transport patrons back to the soda fountain days of the 1950’s and 60’s. At Coach’s Canteen ‘Grease is the word’ and every day is ‘Happy Days’.

While Coach’s Canteen can’t offer up a 15-cent hamburger, you sense from the Mingo’s if they could roll back the pricing to a bygone era, they would easily do that to accommodate their customers. All that aside based on the quality of their fresh made food items, they are fairly priced.

Thinking of Coach’s Canteen in relation to a scholastic report card, they score an A+ in every category including customer service, cleanliness, personality, ambiance, and great tasting menu items. Having family friendly songs from the likes of Sinatra, Elvis, and other early musical pioneers softly floating through the air is added extra credit.

Enough with the kudos, let’s talk about the eats! Open 11-8pm Mon & Tues, 8-9pm Wed-Sat, and 8-2pm on Sunday Coach’s Canteen serve breakfast items all day long and lunch beginning at 11am until closing. Starting at $6.50 you can build your own burger or order either of their seven 100% all beef signature burgers.

The current customer favorite is their namesake Coach’s Burger aka ‘the quintessential breakfast burger’ an ample twin patty, hot & juicy burger oozing with American cheese, fried egg, bacon, hash browns, and spicy aioli on a buttery toasted bun. Perhaps you skipped breakfast, or it’s been hours since you’ve eaten, the Coach’s Burger is the ideal way to satisfy hungry appetites. Just enough pizzazz to delight the taste buds.

Sports lovers may enjoy the MVP (Most Voracious Palatable) Burger with it’s nod to southern flavor. Basically it’s their signature double cheddar cheese burger served on butter-brushed, toasted bun, blanketed under bacon and a home-made onion ring before being slathered in BBQ sauce.

Coach’s Canteen focus on delivering all American comfort foods. You’ll discover a pleasant array of hotdogs including the six inch all beef with or without chili, cheese and slaw or if you prefer a few more bites order the nine-inch version. Condiments including mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, and sauerkraut come free of charge.

Breakfast sandwiches are served up all day long. Again the odds on favorite is the Grand Slam. Two fried eggs layered under just right crispy bacon, your choice of cheese and a crispy hash brown patty, complete with aioli sauce, on your choice of a Portuguese roll, Kaiser bun, or Texas toast. They’re talking hearty to the max!

All total there are six signature breakfast sandwiches including a basic Egg & Cheese coming in at $4.95 with the three meat Hat Trick (ham, bacon & sausage) topping the chart at $8.95. Got a sweet tooth, Coach’s Canteen serves up fresh donuts throughout the day until they run out. For just $1 you can wrap your teeth and gums around a glazed, cinnamon, powdered, or chocolate delight.

At $9.95 and $10.95 respectively the Pulled Pork Sandwich (teeming with marinated pork, coleslaw, & BBQ sauce) and Coach’s Cheesesteak (overflowing with 8 ounces of thinly sliced ribeye under velvety white cheese & fried onions) top the pricing on the menu board.

I’ll give an extra shout out to the cheesesteak. If you can’t make the trip to Philly’s in Oakbrook of Summerville, than Coach’s Canteen is the next best thing, making it more real by laying the savory blend on an authentic Amoroso roll aka ‘the bread that made Philadelphia famous’.

Got little ones in tow. The kids will have a blast chowing down on chicken nuggets, a single patty burger, a hotdog or grilled cheese. All under $5. Handheld sides include crispy onion rings ($4.95) and crinkle or hand cut fries ($3.95). The warm and seasoned home-made Fried Mozzarella Sticks with fresh made marinara make a nice appetizer for just $5.95.

Maybe it’s between meal times or perhaps you just want to treat the kids or yourself to something cool, cold and refreshing. Coach’s Canteen have the cure for beating the heat with chocolate, vanilla, and twist soft serve ice cream. Celebrating something really special maybe opt for an old fashioned ice cream sundae, banana split or one of their creamy shakes or root beer float. All satisfying and delicious.

What would old school menu items be without the original soft drink of choice. That’s right Coach’s Canteen serve up refreshing Coca-Cola products. Enjoy a robust cup of coffee with your breakfast sandwich for just $1.69. Good food at decent prices always taste better.

While the interior is rather quaint, they do have some tables out back and a walk up take out window. However, according to Kevin and Krista they plan to add a large covered patio before the end of summer and allow for special events, cornhole, and live music. All with families in mind.

Think of Coach’s Canteen as a roadside diner, yesteryear coffee shop, and the Dairy Queen all rolled into one. Saturdays you’ll find old school cartoons playing on the big screen TV. With their eatery being a family affair you’ll always find a Mingo working in the kitchen, at the counter, or the register. Krista is the resident live wire and easily the overall spokesperson for the Coach’s Canteen.

While the menu is currently fixed but like some subject to change, there are three things that will remain constant at Coach’s Canteen. You’ll find there will always be made to order food prepared with love and passion, and every entree comes with a side of family values. Drop by hungry and I guarantee you will leave with a smile.

If you live or work anywhere off Clements Ferry Road, or on Daniel Island, in Wando or along the Hwy 41 stretch of Mount Pleasant than you’re just minutes away from good food and good times at Coach’s Canteen. Their physical address is 710 Hopewell Drive in the Publix Shopping Center in Point Hope Commons. For more visit their website at

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