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The Most Popular Sports For Betting in Canada



If you’re a newbie to sports betting in Canada, you might not know where and how to start. Well, the first rule of engagement is that you lay wagers on sports you are most familiar with. But if you think you’re versatile enough to cope with any sport that pops up, this article is also for you. Or do you find it difficult to make a decision? We have a rundown of the leading sports to bet on in today’s Canada.


With the recent legalization of sports betting by the Canadian government, the industry is waxing strong. We now have a pool of top Canadian online casinos where betting enthusiasts can make their choice. Among all the sporting activities available by these casinos, hockey sits at the center. So why hockey? How did hockey make its way into the limelight?

For decades, hockey has been Canada’s game. The level of passion, joy, and pride Canadians derive from hockey is unrivaled when compared to other sports here. So you should remember that Canada owns hockey betting all over the world. Even with the ten months value of NHL action, Canadian casinos can’t run out of hockey games year in and year out. Isn’t that interesting?

Let’s retrace our steps down memory lane. Back in 1994, hockey was given official recognition as Canada’s national winter sport. So that’s another sterling reputation hockey enjoys above other sports. Meanwhile, placing bets on the Stanley Cup is the most popular form of ice hockey betting in Canada. Or better still, you can also give your predictions on each match all through the NHL season. Canadian punters can also lay wagers on other the Finnish, Czech, and other bigshot leagues and tournaments.


Many people around the globe assume that basketball originated in America. Well, they’re correct to an extent. But the truth remains that basketball is a Canadian sport. It was invented by a Canadian PE teacher, Naismith James. James was born and bred in Ontario but he migrated to Massachusetts to further advance his teaching career. While in Massachusetts in 1891, he developed the basketball idea. And this made most people fall into the error that the sport was from America.

More than a century later, the game keeps breaking barriers and the NBA has evolved into a global franchise. This is because it attracts the interest of gamblers, enthusiasts, and fans from every corner of the world – including Canada. So it’s expected that the sporting industry records more feats with promising prospects like Tristan Thompson and Andrew Wiggins. They should keep the banners of the NBA high, while Barrett RJ should be the next league’s star. This shows that basketball never stopped growing and the number of fans and players ready to bet on basketball grows alongside.


It doesn’t matter if you’re more of the globally-recognized American football or its variant, Canadian football. The fact remains that football is the elephant in the room among the favorite sports for betting communities. Although Canadian football was later outranked by American football, bettors love placing stakes in it. Also, the nine football teams contending to lift the Grey Trophy every November constitute the country’s most interesting sports highlights.

Due to the limited window of 21 weeks available before the season, the game does not give year-round significance. However, other sporting activities can be used to compensate during the off-season.  Another advantage here is that betting sites in Canada have diverse options while placing bets on football.

We have the NFL and it’s the most recognized tournament for football bettors far north of the border. On the other hand, there is CFL and it has plenty of loyal fans who place their bets every week. There are also committed players who spend their weekends keeping track of the stars during the fall months.


The sport of boxing is not strange to Canada. Even before the Canadian Confederation of 1867, boxing has been a household name. Meanwhile, boxing was criminalized in Canada during the bare-knuckle days but fights were recorded in remote areas. The last of these fights took place in 1901 in Halifax of Nova Scotia.

Fast forward to 1906, Tommy Burns from Normanby Township (Hanover) became the first Canadian to clinch the world heavyweight title. The most ecstatic part is that he defended the title 13 times until he was defeated by Jack Johnson. Considering this rich heritage Canada shares with boxing, the sport’s emergence on the top list of popular sports isn’t surprising.

Thanks to the likes of Logan Paul, Mike Tyson, and other big names in the ring, boxing is back! And if we add Tyson Fury to the list, you should agree with us that boxing looks promising. It looks promising for bettors, enthusiasts, and investors.


Although Canada doesn’t have a direct connection with soccer, that doesn’t mean soccer is not recognized like other countries. Yes, Canada is respected far and near for setting groundbreaking records for soccer. It had the highest attendance during the 2007 U20 World Cup. Also, the Women’s World Cup of 2015 was not an exception. So this proves that you can trust Canada with your soccer bets on the international space.

Canada now boasts of 3 major league soccer clubs – Vancouver Whitecaps, Montreal Impact, and Toronto FC. During international competitions, Toronto and downtown Ottawa never stop showing soccer to the world. Isn’t that enough to put your mind at peace that Canada is at the forefront of soccer lovers?

Furthermore, online sportsbooks in Canada have also decided to offer various soccer betting options to players and fans. Apart from this, the FIFA World Cup is a means for Canadian sports bettors to make some money. Even if the national team fails to qualify (except in 1986), the tournament is a huge plus for Canada.

Another bonus for you here is that Canada is part of the 3 host countries for the 2026 edition. So the sport should enjoy a deeper level of popularity and that’s leverage for you right there! In the meantime, innumerable Canadian players are plying their trade in the UK, France, and Germany. That’s a strong enough signal to draw the interest of bettors, fans, and investors into online gambling.


Now that you are ready to try out sports betting in Canada, we hope that these five popular sports help. These sports will aid every rookie gambler that wants to test the waters. They will also guide your path to consistent winning steaks. Hit the casino and play smart!

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