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How to Adjust to Wearing Glasses



If you’ve just got your first pair of glasses, it can be difficult to adjust to wearing them. With your new glasses, you’ll probably experience some eye strain and blurry vision as your eyes adjust to the lenses, and in terms of your appearance, it’ll take a little while for you to get used to seeing your face with glasses. Here are some tips on how to adjust to wearing glasses for the first time.

Try less bold styles

At first, you may not like the way that glasses look on you. Wearing glasses for the first time is a big change, and this change may be even more difficult to handle if your glasses are very bold and attention-grabbing. Therefore, while you’re still getting used to your new look, you could opt for more subtle and delicate frames. This could mean choosing smaller frames, or you could consider a pair of clear glasses. These clear frames will look less bold than black ones.

Check the fit

As you wear your new glasses over the first few days, you should consider how well the frames fit. If your glasses are constantly sliding down your nose or, conversely, they’re pinching the bridge of your nose or your temples, the frames might not be right for you. Don’t dismiss this issue – your glasses should fit well and be comfortable for all-day use, so make sure you get your frames adjusted or replaced.

Keep wearing them

During the adjustment period, you may experience some eye strain, discomfort, and headaches. When you first put on your glasses, your vision may even seem blurrier as your eyes try to adjust to the lenses. Even though this experience may be uncomfortable, it’s important that you keep wearing your glasses throughout the day so your eyes have the chance to adjust. If you don’t wear them consistently, you could just be prolonging the adjustment period. However, if you do experience headaches, take a quick break from wearing the glasses until you feel better, and then try to continue wearing them.

Don’t rush the process

When you’re adjusting to new glasses, it’s better to start by wearing them when you’re sitting down and not taking part in any activities. This is because your vision may be quite blurry initially and you don’t want to hurt yourself. Over time, you’ll be able to walk around and use the stairs while wearing your new glasses.

Don’t rush the process – you need time to adjust to your new glasses, so don’t try driving long distances or doing anything too strenuous until you’re ready. After a week or so (or perhaps only a few days), your glasses should be much more comfortable and you shouldn’t have any persistent vision issues. If your eyes won’t adjust to the lenses, speak to your optician to see if you need a different pair of glasses.

Wearing glasses for the first time can be a strange experience. You’ll be adjusting to both your new vision and your new appearance, so give yourself enough time to get used to it all. Remember to follow the advice in this article to get through this adjustment period.

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