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Charleston Animal Society Offering $5,000 Reward in Cruelty Case



Cat and Dog Shot in North Charleston within Days of Each Other

By: Charleston Animal Society

A dog and cat have been found shot in North Charleston within the past week. On May 12th a cat shot with pellets was found on the 7400 block of Tedder Street. Just five days earlier, a puppy was found with a gunshot wound to his paw on the 5200 block of Rivers Avenue.

“We are seeing a rising tide of animal cruelty and we must pull together as a community to stop it,” said Charleston Animal Society Vice President of Operations and Strategy Aldwin Roman, CAWA. “If you see something, please say something. and call the police.”

Citizens are being asked to call the North Charleston Animal Control/North Charleston Police Department: (843) 607-2076.

Charleston Animal Society is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and cruelty conviction of those responsible in both of these cases.

Radiographs performed on the cat by Charleston Animal Society veterinarians show multiple pellets embedded in the skin and body. One pellet appears to have struck the cat’s spine and is believed to have caused severe mobility issues. The veterinarians say the cat has a poor prognosis because of the extent of the injuries.

The bullet aimed at the puppy did significant damage to the joint in a way that it will never fully function as it did before. Charleston Animal Society veterinarians are doing daily bandage changes and checks in hope that the foot can heal enough to be usable. The dog is wearing a splint to keep weight off the foot during this recovery period. It is possible that amputation will need to be considered for this dog if the foot is unable to heal properly.
If you have any information regarding either of these cases please call North Charleston Animal Control/North Charleston Police Department: (843) 607-2076.
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