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A disposable vape pens: What you need to check before purchasing it



A disposable vape pen is now leading the cannabis vaporizer market. This is because they are user-friendly and convenient to make them the best option for many cannabis users and retailers. The extractors use filling machines to place their products into the pen. Then they sell the pens to retailers who place them on their shelves, and it’s a;ready charged. 

Therefore, customers just need to purchase a pen and puff, meaning there is no learning curve, packing, and charging. Users and cannabis retailers like this product because it’s cost-effective, convenient, reliable, and simple. This page discusses a disposable vape pen and  what you need to check before purchasing it. 

Choosing a disposable vape pen

You should remember that there is no single best disposable vape pen on the market. In most cases, the right Delta 8 pens wholesale for you can depend on your desired experience and needs. Therefore, before you decide to purchase a vape pen, consider the following:


Cannabis disposable vape pens come in a convenient shape and size. They are also easy to handle and portable. The standard size of a cannabis disposable vape pen can fit comfortably in your hand, but it’s a bit wider and shorter than a normal pen. 

Many people prefer using the standard size. But if you intend to get a more discreet or even something  that is easier to carry around, then you need to buy the smaller sizes. The good thing is that you can find many light and slim disposable vape pens that you can conceal and consume easily while outdoors.

Vape oil

You also need to consider the extract formulation before you purchase a disposable vape pen. You can find a wide range of vape oils that have different benefits and uses. And, you must always check whether or not the substance is in pre-filled vape pens.

The common differences when it comes to cannabis vapes are Sativa vs Indica and THC vs CBD. Experts still cannot decide whether Sativa and Indica are all that different. But THC and CBD can have different effects on your body.

It’s worth mentioning that a THC vape pen tends to have a high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a psychoactive ingredient that is good for recreational purposes. And, also has medicinal uses, such as pain management.

On the other hand, CBD vape pens don’t have the psychoactive ingredient. They have cannabidiol which is usually utilized for its anti-inflammatory properties. That said, most disposable vape pens use CBD and THC to offer fuller profile properties.

Coil and quality

The form of coil should also be another key consideration because it can affect the vapor’s flavor. The three types of vape coil you can find include quartz, ceramic, and wick. Many people prefer ceramic coils because they use indirect heating to produce purer taste.

Above all, a disposable vape pen needs to be of top-quality. This is because such vape pens usually provide better flavor and a battery can outlast the substance.

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