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The count down to the annual Kentucky Derby event



May 7th marks the start of the Kentucky Derby Week, and many are eagerly waiting for the lavish event. Here you will have the opportunity to see talented horses and racers compete for the first price and socialize with the many other horse fans. Moreover, the event oozes wealth and socialites waiting to be seen in the lavish setting.

During this event, it has also become very popular to bet. This applies both if you are at the event physically, or just watching online. Kentucky Derby betting has become increasingly popular, and the internet is making it much easier to participate. Betting online is also very easy, and anyone who wants to have a go at it can!

Betting on horse racing

Horse racing was one of the first sports in the US where it became especially popular to bet. Betting has been around for centuries, and probably dates all the way back to ancient Greece and the first Olympic games. However, it did not spark the same popularity in the US until the 18th century, when people started to bet on horses. More and more people joined in on the betting, and in the 19th century, countries like the US, Canada, and New Zealand created legislations, thinking the trend would blow up, and keep them in the lead. While it maintained popular to some extent, it did not perform the way they thought, that is until the internet came along.

Kentucky Derby betting

The digital world has made most parts of our every day much easier, and that includes betting. Where you used to have to show up physically to the stadiums and by betting tickets, you can now place wagers online from anywhere and at any time. You can also bet on a variety of sports and categories. Before you start horse race betting, it is important to know the game. This applies both for the actual races, and also for betting. Get familiar with how you can place wagers and spend your money on betting sites before the week at the Kentucky Derby starts.

One of the ways you can prepare is by looking at previous results, and the condition of the horses and racers. This will of course impact the results of the derby a great deal and is, therefore, an important aspect to look into. You can find the previous winners online to aid your betting this year.

About the derby

The Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchill Downs and happens annually. This year it starts on the 7th of May, the second Saturday of May, which is unusual for the race. The track distance is 1 ¼ mile where horses that are three can run in the dirt, and fillies can participate in the prestigious Grade 1. There is a good reason why the racers are eager to win, there is a huge prize waiting for the winners. For the Kentucky Derby 2022, there will be a huge purse available with $3 million available to connections, and $1,860,000 for the winning owners. In other words, there is quite a lot of money at stake.

If you are interested in betting, or simply love horse racing, you should set your alarm for the 7th of May. This is when the Kentucky Derby starts, and even though you don’t have tickets to the event, you can still follow it online, and bet on your predicted outcome. Last year’s winning horse was Mandaloun, with trainer Brad Cox, and jockey Florent Geroux. Who will win this year’s race is hard to say, and only time will tell!


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